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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Makeup Storage and Vanity

I stayed at the Hyatt Hotel during my recent trip and I fell in love with the bathroom counter. It's so spacious and is the perfect place to do my makeup because I can just lay everything out on the table. The bathroom cabinet at my house has no space for anything. =(

I desperately need somewhere comfortable to do my makeup and to store everything. I came across West Elm's Narrow-Leg Vanity and it is gorgeous, but the price is pretty steep. It retails for $379.00, but is on sale now for $299. The total price adds up to $352 because of shipping and handling and tax.

I love that the mirror folds down and becomes a completely flat table. I can place my laptop there and transform it into a computer table. There is also 2 drawers and more storage space in the middle, but the price is still creating a barrier between me and the lovely vanity.

Ikea also sells a nice cabinet for makeup storage called the Lillangen Mirror Cabinet for $49.99. The mirrored door is removable and you're suppose to place the Anordna Interior Fixtures (picture on the right) inside the cabinet. The Anordna pull-out storage is sold separately for $14.99.

Why can't money grow on trees?

What other makeup storage ideas do you suggest?


  1. Hi :) Where do you get your empty palettes?

  2. Hi, I get my empty palettes from =)

  3. My husband just bought this for my Christmas gift. It's definitely worth the price! I had room in the mirrored area to store 90% of my makeup and nail polish can fit standing up in the drawer (with the exception of Revlon). The mirrored part is also on a cushion hinge so it won't slam and break. It doesn't look like veneer either. I have the chocolate color and it looks like it is solid wood. Compared to what else is on the market at the moment, this is a great piece.

  4. Darn it Lisa! You are making me want this even more! hahaha..

    Right now, I have my makeup stored in different containers and train cases. They're just all over the place and it's a mess.

    I am seriously considering buying the vanity because it seems big enough to fit all the makeup I currently have. Also, it seems like I will still have extra space to fit more makeup that I might buy in the future. =)

  5. Hi Joyce,
    Please show us your make up collection. That'd be very interesting and amazing, I believe : )


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