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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Swatches + Review: MAC Matte, Satin and Cremesheen Lipstick Collection

MAC Matte Satin Cremesheen Lipstick Collection Swatches Review

Scent: All the lipsticks mentioned in this post have a pleasant vanilla scent when I sniff directly from the tube. They don't taste like anything when worn on the lips. 

MAC Matte Lipstick ($17 for 3g/0.10oz) - This formula is the least hydrating of the bunch and can cause the lipstick to cling onto dry patches, which is expected, considering that the finish is matte. (Make sure to exfoliate well and wear a lip balm underneath!) They provide buildable, medium to full coverage and last at least 5 hours. (They will also fade alot quicker when eating and drinking as with any other lipstick.)  

MAC Satin Lipstick ($17 for 3g/0.10oz) - This formula is slightly more hydrating than the matte version, but not as hydrating as say, the Burberry Kisses (swatches). They're still wearable for someone like me, who has extremely dry, chapped lips, as long as I exfoliate well and prep my lips with a good balm. They also provide buildable, medium to full coverage with at least 4 hours of staying power. I especially love that they're not frosty or too glossy as my full sausage lips do not need to be accentuated any further. They also leave behind a very pretty stain.

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick ($17 for 3g/0.10oz) - This formula is the most hydrating of the bunch. I find that they glide onto the lips smoothly without skipping and provide buildable, medium to full coverage with at least 3 and a half hours of staying power. They are non-drying and very comfortable to wear. They also leave a sheen that's not too glossy (which is very important for me). I'm definitely getting more shades soon!

MAC Kinda Sexy Velvet Teddy Honeylove Yash Cherish Spirit Lipstick Swatches

  • Kinda Sexy (matte) is a neutral pinky-rose. This is a great color for those who don't want a shade that's too peachy or too pink.
  • Velvet Teddy (matte) is a deep-tone beige. It doesn't feel as drying as the other matte shades, but I still have to prep well due to my extemely dry, chapped lips.
  • Honeylove (matte) is a light beige toned with rose. It's a very nice nude shade that lightens the color of my natural lips without making me look ashy. I also love that it has the right tint of pink that's not too bright or too dull.
  • Yash (matte) is a deep neutral. Unfortunately, this shade makes my pigmented lips look ashy and does not compliment my NC30/35 skin tone, which is a bummer because it has great reviews, especially for those with warm, medium to dark skin tones.
  • Cherish (satin) is a soft muted peachy-beige. This one looks more drying on the lips compared to the other satin shades, but is still wearable. The color is very similar to Honeylove when worn on my lips.
  • Spirit (satin) is a muted pinky-beige brown. This one is the most hydrating out of all the satin shades.

    MAC Velvet Teddy Spirit Lipstick Dupe Comparison Swatches

    MAC Honeylove Yash Cherish Spirit Dupe Lipstick Swatches

    MAC Please Me Brave Faux Twig Mehr Lipstick Swatches

    • Please Me (matte) is a muted-rosy-tinted pink. It actually looks brighter when worn on my lips compared to how it looks when swatched on my arm.
    • Brave (satin) is a pink-beige with white pearl. I'm not a fan of shimmery or frosty lipsticks, so I'm glad that the "white pearls" are barely noticeable.
    • Faux (satin) is a muted mauve-pink. This has been my go-to color when I want to wear a lipstick that's not too light or too dark. The color looks similar to Brave when comparing them in the tube, but Faux is slightly lighter when I wore them side by side on my lips.
    • Twig (satin) is a soft muted brownish-pink. It's slightly more pigmented than Creme In Your Coffee, lasts a little bit longer on the lips and less glossy.
    • Mehr (matte) is a dirty blue pink. It's similar to Twig, except Mehr has more pink to it and does not leave a sheen.
    • Creme In Your Coffee (cremesheen) is a creamy mid-tone pink brown. I got this for free through the Back2MAC program.

    MAC Brave Faux Lipstick Dupe Comparison Swatches

    MAC Lipstick Collection Haul Swatch Matte Satin Cremesheen

    MAC Creme In Your Coffee Lipstick Mehr Twig Dupe Swatches

    Bottom: Line: With over 200 shades and 8 different formulas, you're bound to find the right shade(s) for you. Some are more hydrating than others, but with a a good lip scrub and lip balm, you're good to go, even for someone that suffers from extremely chapped lips like myself!

    Note: MAC lipsticks are available at Nordstrom with free shipping, no minimum.

    This post contains affiliate links. None of the products mentioned are sponsored.


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