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About the Site
I started blogging around 2009 with the intention of providing honest reviews and sharing my personal experience about beauty products that I’ve tried. I tend to focus on cosmetics and makeup brushes, though I occasionally blog about skin care, which I find myself accumulating more and more of as my skin is aging. Whether it’s drugstore or high-end, I don’t discriminate. I share about products that work and/or about things that I, as well as others in the beauty community, are interested in.

I have a warm, medium complexion with a yellow undertone. In the winter, I’m a MAC NC30/35, Dior Forever 021 mixed with 031, MUFE HD Y345, and L’oreal True Match W4. During the summer, I’m a MAC NC37/40, Dior Forever 031, MUFE HD Y375, and L’oreal True Match W6. My skin is prone to breakouts and does suffer from an oily t-zone, but I have normal (not dry or oily) skin on the rest of my face.

My Opinions
I try to be as informative as possible and realize that words, such as “soft”, “coarse”, “light,” “heavy,” “small,” “big,” etc., can be subjective and not helpful. So, most of my posts feature comparisons, which allows you to make a more informed decision when purchasing.  

Keep in mind that we all have different skin types, textures and complexions. Just because a product did or did not work for me, it doesn't mean you will get the same result or experience.  

Pictures of color cosmetics are usually taken before they had been used in order for better presentation and to make you salivate! Pictures of brushes are always taken after they have been washed for a more accurate depiction because those with natural bristles tend to fluff out and widen a bit after the initial wash.

All pictures with a watermark on them are taken by me. Feel free to share my pictures on your website or social media account. Sharing is caring and that’s what the internet is all about, but please credit the source and provide a direct link to the html page that displays the image. However, please do not use my images for commercial purposes, such as selling products on eBay, online stores or blogs.

Products for Review
I am not paid for any of my reviews and would never do so for monetary gain. Occasionally, companies provide products for consideration, which will always be disclosed in every post that features the product. I blog with ethics and my reviews are always based on my own honest opinion.

Affiliate Links
Some posts contain affiliate links, which give me commission when you click on them and make a purchase. There is no cost added to you, and is instead paid by the retailer. Any posts that contain affiliate links are always disclosed. 

I would love to hear your feedback and I'm open to any suggestions that you might have! 
I always reply, usually within 24 hours.

Feel free to send me an email, especially if you have any questions.
Just put [Questions for MakeupByJoyce] in the subject line so it doesn't go into my spam box.

To report broken links or images, put [Broken Links at MakeupByJoyce] in the subject line.

To report anyone using my pictures on their website or selling sites,
like eBay, put [Stolen Images] in the subject line.

For business inquiries, indicate [Business Inquiries] in the subject line.

This filters out spam and I'll be able to respond alot quicker!
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