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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Review: ELF Eye Shadow Brush

I bought 3 ELF Eye Shadow Brush online and all 3 came in different sizes and shapes. The first one had the longest handle, measuring 6 inches in total length, and the longest bristles. The head of the brush was also the widest compared to the other two. 

The brush is so soft and dense enough for adding color onto the lids as well as for blending the lid color up to the crease. 

The second brush measures 5.5 inches in total length. The head of the brush is the shortest compared to the other two and less wider than the first brush. The bristles are as soft as the other two brushes, but thinner and flatter. I would not use this to blend; however, I use it all the time for packing color onto my lids because it is the perfect size.

The third brush measures 5.6 inches in total length and is a little longer than the second brush. The head of the brush is pointed and the least widest compared to the other two. 

The bristles are dense and a little stiffer than the first brush. It also does a little better at blending.

They cost $1.00 on the online store, and Target.

What do you think about this brush?   

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