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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Collection and Swatches: Highlights and Pigments Palette

First Row: Mac Blanc Type, Stars Makeup Haven Creme D'Nude, Mac Brule, Mac Vanilla, Mac Vapour, Mac Rosy Outlook, Mac Ego
Second Row: Stars Makeup Haven Southern Belle, Mac Shroom, Mac Tissueweight Limited Edition, Mac Naked Lunch, Stars Makeup Haven Sin-Sational, Stars Makeup Haven Guilty as Sin, Coastal Scents ME13
Third Row: Mac Jest, Mac All That Glitters, Mac Kitschmas Pigment, Mac Naked Pigment, Mac Tan Pigment, Mac Tea Time Pigment, Mac Chocolate Brown Pigment
Fourth Row: Mac Solar Bits Bronzescape Limited Edition, Mac Solar Bits Impassioned Limited Edition, Mac Heritage Rouge Pigment, Mac Vintage Gold Pigment, Mac Golden Olive Pigment, Mac Antique Green Pigment

Favorites: I love to use Shroom and Tissueweight for the inner corners to brighten up my eyes. Since I usually wear shimmery colors on my lids, I don’t use them as a highlight for my brow bone because they have a shimmery finish. 

I love to pack Naked Lunch, All That Glitters, or Tan onto my lids and pair it with a brown color on my crease to create a neutral look.

Skip: Guilty as Sin, ME13, Kitschmas, Bronzescape, and Impassioned are filled with chunks of glitter that get all over your face. I have a hard time applying them and blending them.

Sin-Sational is a nice champagne color that goes on very creamy and blends really smoothly. However, a lot of product falls out when I apply it. It also does not last all day long (even with my Too Faced Primer) like a lot of my other eyeshadows do.

Dupes: Blanc Type and Vanilla may look a little bit similar in the pictures, but they are not dupes. Blanc Type is a light beige color with a matte finish, while Vanilla is more white and has a little bit of shimmer. Vapour and Naked both have a little bit of shimmer, but Vapour is a pale pink color, while Naked has a peach undertone.

Crème D’Nude looks peachier in the pan, but when swatched, it looks like a beige color. Brule has a deeper beige color with a satin finish. I applied Crème D’Nude on my left brow bone and Brule on my other, but couldn’t tell a difference. However, Crème D’Nude had a more powdery application and more fall outs, while Brule went on smoothly with no fall outs. 

Rosy Outlook and Southern Belle may look similar, but Southern Belle is a much darker pink and cannot be used as a highlight, while Rosy Outlook can.

Ego has a more pink undertone, while Jest has a more peach undertone. I wouldn't call them dupes.

Note: Mac Eyeshadows in pan form cost $11.00 for 1.5 grams (some of the eyeshadows have 1.3 grams) and cost $16 in pots. Stars Makeup Haven eyeshadows cost $6.00 for 1.3 grams. Coastal Scents eyeshadows cost $1.95 for 1.5 grams. The empty 28 pan palette can be purchased from Coastal Scents for $9.95.

What highlight color do you use the most? 

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  1. I am probably gonna say this same stuff on all of your!

    I know swatching,(and all of your swatches are some of the best out there!!),takes a lot of time to do.

    I luv your blog!

  2. Thank you for dropping by my blog!!

    I hope these swatches are helpful. =D

  3. this is so helpful! thank you so much! really! :)

  4. No problem! Glad it was helpful. =)

  5. hey, just out of curiousity, how do you put your pigments into a refill pan??

  6. I press my pigments into the pans with rubbing alcohol 70%.

    First I mix the pigments with some alcohol in the pan and wait for it to dry. Then I use a folded paper towel and place it over the pan. Finally, I place a quarter on top of the towel and press it with a stack of books.

    Leave it like that overnight and your pigments will be pressed by morning.

  7. Hi and thank you for taking the time to swatch. I do have a question. When you say press your pigments. Have this compromised the quality and pay off of the pigment? And can you be a little more descriptive. ex: 3 drops to 1 1/2 teaspoon etc. I have a ton of pigments but I'm affraid if I press them they won't turn out right. Do you find the alcohol drying at all?

    Thanks again

  8. The reason people use rubbing alcohol to press pigments is because alcohol dries, but it won't mess up the color or quality of the pigment.

    I really don't know the exact measurements. I usually eyeball it, and I keep pouring and mixing until I get the consistency that I want. However, the amount of rubbing alcohol that I use doesn't exceed the amount that the eyeshadow pan can hold. So, to get the right consistency, I would add more than 1/2 teaspoon of pigment, but definitely less than 1 teaspoon of pigment.

    Also, since this is your first time pressing pigments, I wouldn't press all of them at once. I suggest you press one pigment in one eyeshadow pan to see how it comes out. Also, you don't need to use alot of the pigment to press into the eyeshadow pan. Even if you mess up on your first try, you still won't be wasting alot of the pigment.

  9. Hello Joyce

    thank you so much for the swatches. You've helped me made better choices selecting the eye shadows and saving me money :)

  10. No problem Denorlisa! I know it's a pain to buy makeup onlne. I always look at other people's swatches before buying too.

  11. Where did you get your palette from? I have so many of the individual pan sizes I need more! :)


  12. Hi Anna!

    I get my empty palette from Stars Makeup Haven.
    I have a post about it here


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