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Thursday, February 24, 2011

West Elm Narrow Leg Vanity

I've had my eye on the West Elm Narrow Leg Vanity for months and months, and now I finally got it in the color chocolate! (The picture looks lighter on West Elm's website. In person, it's actually an espresso finish. Too bad my stupid camera is picking it up as black.) I am not disappointed at all. It has enough room to store all my makeup. However, I don't recommend this vanity to store for makeup collectors, especially those who have tons and tons of makeup and those who are beauty hoarders because the space is limited. However, this would be great if you plan on using it to do your makeup.

I adore this vanity. It's convenient when I do my makeup because I have everything laid out in the middle storage area. When I'm not doing my makeup, I can fold the the mirror down and it becomes a completely flat table, which I can place my laptop on and do some more blogging for you lovely readers! Also, it looks deliciously gorgeous. =) 

Just in case you're wondering, I have my Caboodles traincase, Nail Polish Case, Mac Carry All bag, and a wicker basket of hair products stored underneath the table.

The price was ridiculously expensive, but well worth it. I bought it in January and the total came up to $314.59 including shipping, processing, delivery surcharge, and tax. Good thing I had a $100 gift card from West Elm and the final price was $214.59. WhoooHooo =D

Deal Alert! West Elm is having a 15% off sale on all furniture items and is selling the vanity for $254. With shipping, processing fee, delivery surcharge and tax, the total will be around $341.76 if you buy it now. I think the sale ends Sunday, so get it soon if you really want it.

How do you store your makeup and do you prefer to sit or stand while doing your makeup?


  1. OMG! This is so lovely! I've been dying to have this kind of vanity set since birth JK!.. :D i honestly dont mind if I stand or sit while applying my make-up or giving someone make-up over as long as I'm comfortable with my position and the light is on the right spot lol.. really!

    Thanks for sharing this! :)

  2. Hi, does this look black in person? Most of my room is black/white so I want it to match and I'm thinking of purchasing...

  3. Hi Whitney, it does look slightly black in person in indoor lighting. However, when I have my curtains open and the sun is hitting my room, the vanity looks more espresso. =)

  4. OK thanks for letting me know! I wish they had the white one still...I might get a cheapo Ikea one instead, but I love the flip up mirror!


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