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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review: Walmart Paris Presents Bronzer Brush

I saw the Paris Presents Bronzer brush at Walmart a couple of months ago. They had a lot in stock and the first one that I felt was not that soft. The ones that I felt after that were still not as soft as any of the brushes that I have in my collection; however, I decided to take one home with me anyways because it was super dense and only $8.

  • super dense
  • perfect for buffing bronzer or any type of powder product on the body
  • longer handle than the average kabuki brush
  • bottom of the handle is flat; therefore, it can stand on its own
  • not as scratchy as the Coastal Scents Buffer brush (review)
  • feels so soft when rubbed against my body
  • looks professional with its black handle & nickel ferrule
  • affordable ($8)
  • too big for applying bronzer on my cheek area
  • feels a little uncomfortable to use on the face area
  • not as soft as my other brushes, such as my Royal & Langnickel BC180 (review), Mac 182 ( review), & 109 (review)
  • bristles are white, which makes it harder to clean
  • sheds 2-3 hairs after each wash
  • sold only at select Walmart stores

Bottom Line: This brush would be great for applying mineral makeup or powder foundation, if you don't mind that the bristles are not "very soft." (Please keep in mind, it's not scratchy.) I have no issues with using this brush for body application, but it just feels a little uncomfortable to use on my face. I much prefer to use my other brushes, since they are softer. However, the Walmart brush would be a great alternative if you can't afford to invest in a softer $20-$50 kabuki brush. 

I really can't complain about this brush or expect this to be a miracle worker or to be teddy bear soft because it only costs $8.

I would also like to mention that I've heard other people say that this brush is "very soft." So, my face might be just more sensitive than others. 

Note: The Walmart Paris Presents Bronzer brush is made of natural fibers and measures 5 inches in total. It is denser and less wider than the Mac 182 Buffer Brush Couture Limited Edition Version.  

What's your favorite kabuki brush?
Have you tried the Walmart version?

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