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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Review: EcoTools Bamboo Bronzer Brush

The EcoTools Bamboo Bronzer brush is one of the prizes for my current giveaway
and it is brand new and unused. 
The one that I'm reviewing in this post is from my personal brush collection. 
Don't worry, I don't give away used cosmetics or used brushes. =)

EcoTools Bamboo Bronzer Brush 

  • feels teddy bear soft
  • bristles are densely packed
  • no shedding
  • no dye bleeding
  • no funky smell
  • easy to wash, no staining
  • great size for applying bronzer all over the body (as long as you don't mind wasting product because the bristles absorb a bit of the product)
  • not expensive
  • base is flat, handle can stand upright

  • head is too big for applying foundation in the small crevices of the face
  • too dense and big for the cheek area, not ideal for applying blush
  • too big for contouring
  • not ideal for buffing out over applied products, such as blush (the brush can rub off your makeup)
  • the bristles absorb some of the product (liquid and powder), which means you will have to use more product
  • takes more than 14 hours to dry

The EcoTools brush is one of the softest brush that I've felt. It's quick and easy to use when applying liquid or powder foundation because the bristles are super dense; however, I recommend applying your foundation first before applying your eye makeup because it's hard to work around the small crevices of your face with the brush and you might end up ruining your eye makeup, if you're not careful. I also notice that with the EcoTools brush, some of the foundation gets wasted because it's being absorbed by the bristles when I buff. Although I use a little bit more foundation with the EcoTools brush, the coverage that I get is not as good as the coverage that I get from my Mac 187 brush. However, it's made from "taklon bristles, a recycled aluminum ferrule, and a bamboo handle". So, it's cruelty free and environmentally friendly .

Bottom Line: I recommend getting the EcoTools brush if you're always in a rush or on a budget. If you don't mind wasting product, and want something quick & easy to use, then this brush is ideal for you. The bristles are super soft & dense and I haven't experienced any shedding, dye bleeding or funky smell. 

EcoTools Bamboo Bronzer Brush Compared to:

Royal & Langnickel BC180 $14.99 (review) - It's made of natural bristles, has a smaller head, & sheds 1-2 hairs after each wash. Although the bristles are less dense than the EcoTools brush, the Royal & Langnickel brush is still a dense brush itself and is by no means flimsy. It's ideal for applying bronzer, mineral & powder foundation and for buffing out over applied products, such as blush.

Mac 109 Small Contour Brush $32 (review) - It's made of natural bristles and has a significantly smaller head. It's ideal for contouring because the brush is dense & firm and the head fits perfectly in the hollow of my cheeks.

Mac 182 Buffer Brush Couture Limited Edition $55 (review) - It's made of natural bristles, is less dense, and has a wider head. It's ideal for applying setting powder, buffing out over applied products, such as blush, and for buffing in mineral & powder foundation, if you don't want heavy coverage. 

Note: The EcoTools Bamboo Bronzer brush measures 5.5 inches and you can purchase this at Ulta, Target, and for around $10.

How do you use the EcoTools Bamboo Bronzer brush?

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  1. I'd love to get these brushes! Great review! :)

  2. Well I think that the advantages are more than the disadvantages. And I don't mind wasting product, because I have something like 5 bronzer which I'll never finish in my entire life lol

  3. I love EcoTools, they are amazing drugstore brushes!

  4. the bamboo bronzer looks really soft! agreed with Molkinaify ! x

  5. would love to try ecotools i wonder if they r as soft as sigma brushes?


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