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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Swatches + Comparisons: MAC Reel Sexy Mineralize SkinFinish in Lightscapade

Left: MAC Lightscapade Version 1 from Fall Colour Collection
Right: MAC Lightscapade Version 2 from Reel Sexy Collection

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that I recently purchased MAC's Mineralize SkinFinish in Lightscapade at the Estee Lauder Company Store for $19.75. I saw 2 Lightscapades that looked completely beige and 1 with blue, yellow and peach veining. I took home the latter, of course. How could I resist the gorgeous veining?

MAC is currently repromoting Lightscapade in the Reel Sexy collection and it retails for $29. I decided to purchase it from Macy's website to see how it compares to the one that I got from the Estee Lauder Company Store. As you can see from the picture above, it is mostly beige with faint blue veining. (I recommend purchasing it at the store, so that you can choose the one that you want because they all have different patterns of veining.)

When swatched on my arm Version 1 looks more creamy beige, while Version 2 looks more pinky beige; however, when worn on top of my cheekbones, they both give me a colorless glow to my skin. I can barely tell the difference between these 2 highlighters because they are both transparent and neither of them changes the color of my blush. They just add a soft, subtle glow to my cheeks. Just make sure you don't over apply it if you have a medium or dark skintone because it can look ashy, especially when worn without a blusher.

Unlike other MAC MSFs, such as Soft and Gentle (review), the texture of both Lightscapades feels very smooth and non-gritty. They don't contain any chunky glitters and they glide onto my skin effortlessly when I use my Inglot 4SS brush (full review). As for longevity, they last at least 8 hours when worn over liquid foundation + setting powder.

Bottom Line: No matter which Lightscapade you get, one with lots of veining or one with no veining, they all perform the same and work well for both cool and warm skintones. This is one of the few highlighters that I've come across that emits a very natural and subtle sheen to the face. It's definitely wearable during the day and it's even office appropriate because it does not look overly shimmery or frosty. I would run to the nearest MAC counter ASAP before they all sell out. You may even find it at the Estee Lauder Company Store or CCO at a better deal.

Note: MAC Lightscapade contains 10g of product and retails $29 at MAC, Nordstrom and other department stores. This is also a limited edition item, so I recommend getting it as soon as possible before they all fly off the shelves.

Have you stumbled upon Lightscapade
at the Estee Lauder Company Store or CCO?

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