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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Swatches + Comparison: MAC Jete and Moth Brown Limited Edition Eyeshadow

MAC recently launched the By Request collection, which includes 3 discontinued eyeshadows that MAC Facebook fans voted to bring back. Unfortunately, these are limited edition and are only available on MAC online.

MAC Jete and Moth Brown were originally released in the Danse collection in 2006 and the Madame B collection in 2005, respectively. I don't have the original versions to compare to the current release, but I do have other eyeshadow comparisons. ^_^

Clockwise From Top Left: Urban Decay Scratch ~ MAC Jete ~ MAC Jest

MAC Jete ($15 for 1.5g, Limited Edition) is a sandy peach with a shimmery finish. MAC Jest is lighter and brighter, while Urban Decay Scratch is pinkier and feels softer. Jete needs a little bit more layering to achieve great pigmentation, even when applied with a dense brush, such as the MAC 239. However, blending is a breeze, fallouts are non-existent and the lasting power is excellent when worn over a primer. (I get at least 10 hours of wear without fading or creasing.)

Jete is practically fool proof on any skin tone and it's perfect as an all-over-the-lid shade. It also pairs well with most eyeshadows. This is definitely a staple in my collection. 

Clockwise From Top Left: Urban Decay Gunmetal ~ MAC Moth Brown ~ MAC Satin Taupe

MAC Moth Brown ($15 for 1.5g, Limited Edition) is a bluish grey with a hint of purple and a shimmery finish. MAC Satin Taupe is more brown, while Urban Decay Gunmetal is more blue and grey. Under artificial lighting, Moth Brown looks like a dark blue-based grey on my NC35/37 skin tone. Under natural lighting, I can see a slight "purple shift," especially when compared to Gunmetal side by side.

I love wearing Moth Brown in my crease paired with Jete on my lids and blending it with a matte burgundy shade (Stars Makeup Haven Taz) or a flesh shade (MAC Wedge). I finish off the look with a matte beige shade (MAC Brule or Blanc Type) on my brow bone and a matte black shade (MAC Carbon) in my outer v to balance out the shimmery-ness (of Jete and Moth Brown) and to create more depth.

Moth Brown also works well with pinks, greys, and browns. As for application, it glides smoothly onto the skin without any fallouts and blends easily. Also, the pigmentation and lasting powder are excellent when worn over a primer. (I get at least 10 hours of wear without fading or creasing.)

Bottom Line: Jete is easily dupable, but it's nice to have because it's so wearable and perfect for an everyday neutral eye look. I'll definitely be getting alot of use out of it. Moth Brown is a little more versatile and can be used (1) lightly to define the crease, (2) heavily on the outer v to create more depth, (3) smoked out for a night time look and (4) even as an eyeliner. Get them while you still can.

Note: Jete and Moth Brown are limited edition, but they're still available at MAC online. Jest and Satin Taupe are permanent shades and are available at Nordstrom. Scratch and Gunmetal are permanent shades and are available at Nordstrom,, Ulta and Sephora.

*This post contains affiliate links. None of the products mentioned are sponsored.

How do you use Jete and Moth Brown?


  1. Ahhh I don't know if we'll get this collection here but I really hope we will! I'd love these two shades as well :)

  2. Jete and Moth Brown were released in 2006 and 2005, respectively. Hopefully, MAC will repromote (again) in a future collection. =)

  3. Aww so sad these collection is only available online :( The colors look very wearable and I love neutrals.

  4. I know, I hate it too when MAC makes certain collections online only, but they'll probably repromote it or make a similar color in the future or Jete and Moth Brown might make it to the CCO. =)


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