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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Review + Comparison: Real Techniques Sculpting Set vs Sculpting Brush

Real Techniques Sculpting Set Review

I already had the Real Techniques Setting Brush that you can buy individually, so I didn't think that I needed the Sculpting Set. I was just going to get the individual Sculpting Brush, but ended up also getting the set just in case if there was any slight differences with the brushes. That just justified my purchases. ^_^ 

Real Techniques Sculpting Brush Review

Real Techniques Sculpting Set ($19.99) - The set is limited edition and comes with 3 brushes, including the sculpting, setting and fan brush. The handles have a shiny finish and the names are written in black font. All brushes are made using bunny soft synthetic bristles. 
  • Sculpting Brush - The bristles are slightly shorter, thicker and denser compared to the sculpting brush that you can buy individually. It also offers a little bit more control. Regardless, I still use both brushes the same way and love it for applying liquid foundation. It fits nicely in all the contours of my face and makes buffing foundation a dream without pulling my skin. It's also great for applying cream blushes and bronzers because it fits on the cheeks perfectly and blends easily into the skin. In addition, it also works well for contouring, but for those that want a more precise chiseled look, then I recommend the Sephora Classic Multitasker Contour #55
  • Setting Brush - The bristles are slightly wider and bigger compared to the one that you can buy individually for $7.99. I use both brushes the same way, but I find that the one that comes in the set blends easier and quicker because of its size. Regardless, I love that both offers precise application when applying concealer underneath the eyes and setting powder around the nose area. It's also ideal for applying highlight on top of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupid's bow, chin or wherever you need. The Sigma F64 ($21) is a little bit longer and denser, so it doesn't blend as effortlessly as the Real Techniques ones, but you can use it for patting concealer underneath the eyes. As for the Make Up For Ever #140 ($34), it's bigger and wider than both of the Real Techniques ones. It's great for buffing in concealer underneath the eyes and buffing in setting powder around the nose area. The main difference is that it offers less precision when highlighting, but still fits nicely on top of the cheekbones without covering too much area of the face.   
  • Fan Brush - The bristles are not flimsy like the traditional fan brushes, but it still offers flexibility so that it doesn't pull your skin. You can use it to apply a light dusting of setting powder or excess makeup that fall underneath your eyes when applying eyeshadow. I personally rarely use this because I prefer to use paddle brushes to apply setting powder. Also, I do my eye makeup before I apply foundation, so I can easily clean up the mess with makeup remover. However, it's perfect for highlighting the tops of the cheekbones when you want a subtle application.
Real Techniques Sculpting Brush ($9.99) - The bristles are slightly taller and not as dense as the the one that comes in the set, but it's by no means flimsy. However, the handle is wider at the base, so it's going to take up more space if you use brush holders. When compared to the ELF Angled Blush brush ($3), the individual sculpting brush is slightly denser and wider. As for the Sigma F84 ($24), it's the biggest out of all 4 of them and has more "give" than both the Real Techniques ones, but still excellent for applying foundation. Given the size though, I recommend the Real Techniques versions because they offer more versatility. 

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Bottom Line: I have over 100 brushes that range from high-end to drugstore and Real Techniques is one of my most loved brands when it comes to finding the perfect brush for applying liquid foundation as well as being a multi-tasker. It's the combination of quality and affordable price that makes them a winner in my book!

Note: The Real Techniques Sculpting Set is limited edition and can be purchased on and Ulta. The individual Real Techniques Sculpting brush can be purchased at Target, and Ulta. The individual Real Techniques Setting brush is also available at Target, and Ulta. The ELF Angled Blush brush can be purchased on their online store and Target. The Sigma F84 and F64 can be purchased at Nordstrom. The Make Up For Ever #140 is available at Sephora.

*This post contains affiliate links. All products were purchased by me, using my own funds.


  1. Hi for the RT sculpting brush which one is better?the individual one or the one in set?thank you ;)

    1. There are slight differences between the individual one and the one in the set, but since I use both of them the same way and don't see any significant differences when I use them, I don't prefer one over the other. If you plan on using the other 2 brushes in the set, then the set is a better deal, but if you're not, then you're better off just buying it individually.

  2. For the other 2 brushes do you think they are amazing brushes to collect?

    1. Even though I already bought the Sculpting and Setting brush individually, I'm still glad I bought the set because now I have backups when one of them is dirty. What I'm trying to say is that the individual ones are very similar to the ones that come in the set. You can't go wrong with any of them. What it comes down to is price.


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