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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Review: ELF Cosmetics Selfie Ready and the Ultimate Blending Brush

ELF Selfie Ready Powder Brush

A couple of months ago, I bought 2 brushes from ELF Cosmetics' new line called Selfie Ready as well as their Ultimate Blending brush because the bristles remind me of the Real Techniques ones, which I absolutely adore. They each retail for $6 and coupons cannot be used, but the price is still very affordable. The bristles are made of synthetic material and feel bunny soft, just like the Real Techniques ones. Also, I haven't experienced any shedding. Continue reading to see how they perform!

ELF Selfie Ready Foundation Brush review

ELF Ultimate Blending Brush

ELF Ultimate Blending Brush - This brush is bigger and not as dense as the other 2 ELF brushes. When compared to the Real Techniques Buffing brush (comes in a set for $17.99), the Ultimate Blending brush is slightly more flexible because it's wider, but it's by no means flimsy. It's great for applying liquid foundation because it buffs in product so effortlessly without tugging the skin.

ELF Ultimate Blending Brush vs Real Techniques Buffing Brush

ELF Selfie Ready Powder Brush Review

ELF Selfie Ready Powder Brush - This one has a more oval shape at the top of the head. It's denser than the Ultimate Blending brush, but it's not as dense as the Selfie Ready Foundation brush. When compared to the Real Techniques Expert Face brush ($8.99), the Selfie Ready Powder brush is not as firm and is overall bigger, which makes it great for applying cream blushers or bronzers on the cheeks. I also love using it to apply liquid foundation because it offers more control compared to the Ultimate Blending brush and it fits nicely underneath the eye area. So, I don't have to use an extra brush to apply concealer! It can also be used to pat on setting powder like the name suggests, but I find that brushes with natural bristles are better at diffusing powder products more effortlessly and evenly onto the skin, while those made with synthetic material are best at blending liquid and cream-based products.

ELF Ultimate Blending Brush Review

ELF Selfie Ready Foundation Brush - This one is the smallest, densest and roundest out of all 3 ELF brushes. I use this the same way as the Selfie Ready Powder brush. The main difference is that the Selfie Ready Foundation brush is firmer and offers more control since it's smaller. Its density also makes it easier to blend out thick and heavy cream products. The Target Up & Up brush ($6.99) is smaller, shorter and firmer.

ELF Selfie Ready Powder Brush vs Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

ELF Selfie Ready Collection review

Bottom Line: Drugstore brands have really stepped up their game in recent years. These are all great for buffing in liquid and cream-based products because they blend product like a dream without tugging the skin. What it comes down to is your size and shape preference. These are must-haves in my book and I highly recommend checking them out even if you tend to stick with high end brands!

Note: The ELF brushes can be purchased on their online store and Target. The Real Techniques Buffing brush can be purchased in a set at and Ulta. The Real Techniques Expert Face brush can be purchased individually at Target, and UltaThe Up & Up Complexion brush is only available at Target. 

*This post contains affiliate links. All products were purchased by me, using my own funds.


  1. love your blog i would llove to keep up with your blog.

  2. Thank you for your review Joyce. I've been wondering about these brushes and whether or not they were a good drugstore buy.

    1. No problem, Jocelyn. Glad it was helpful!


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