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Friday, May 6, 2016

Hot Deal Alert: Sephora $20 Gift Card + $20 Cash Back

TopCashBack New Members Deal Offer Sephora Freebie

If you're a long time follower of my blog, then you know that I only post about deals and coupon codes that I personally use or are too good to pass up! TopCashBack is having a promotion for new members and is giving $20 cash back if you purchase a Sephora $20 gift card. Offer expires at 11:59pm PT on Monday, May 12, 2016. (Sign up is completely free and you do not have to provide your credit card information. TopCashback is a free site that provides cash back for your purchases.)

How do you get it?
  • First sign up through my referral link. Then, go to this link, click on "Get Offer Now" and purchase a Sephora $20.00 gift card. Within 14 days, $20.00 cashback will be posted in your TopCashback account.
  • On mobile: There is only an option to buy a $25 Gift Card. You will still receive your $20 cash back. If you do not want to pay the extra $5, switch over to desktop and repeat the steps above.

When do you get your money back?
  • Within 14 days, $20.00 cashback will be posted in your TopCashback account and then it can be credited straight to your checking account.

Who qualifies for it?

Is there anything else important to know?
  • Transactions must only contain one Sephora $20.00 gift card priced at $20.00 to ensure $20.00 cashback is credited to TopCashback accounts. If another item is purchased or additional items are purchased at the same time, the cashback amount awarded will be 5% or less (depending on the item(s) purchased) instead of $20.00.

Only one:
  • Gift Card is allowed per TopCashback account
  • TopCashback account is permitted per member

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