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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Review: Mac 185 Body Buffer Brush

The Mac 185 Body Buffer brush is from the Glam Gams Collection that came out in 2007. The bristles are made of super soft goat hair that feels amazing on my skin. It is intended to use on the body, but I find it to work well on my face too. 

The 185 has a flat top, is much denser, a little bit shorter and wider than the Mac 182 Buffer brush (review). If I want more coverage, I'll use the 185, but if I want a light touch of setting powder, then I'll use the Mac 182. I've also used the 185 for liquid foundation and it buffed really well into my skin; however there was some shedding. The 185 is not ideal for liquid or cream products because those types of products damage natural fibers. There was no shedding when I used it to buff in my setting powder. I would use the 185 only for powder, mineral foundation and for buffing out powder blushes.

The brush takes about 15 hours to dry, and I have to re-shape it using a brush guard because the bristles tend to splay out.

I also wish the bristles were black because the white goat hair stains easily and it's very hard to wash it without getting the handle wet. The Mac logo and number of the brush is written on the handle, and it will all be scratched off if water keeps getting on it. I might spot clean it from now on, but I don't really like that method because it doesn't clean as well as the traditional way. (To spot clean, spray some brush cleanser onto a piece of paper towel and then rub your brush onto the towel until all the product gets out.)

The bristles are a little bit less than an inch long and measures 2.5 inches including the handle. The brush costs $52.00, but it is not available at Nordstrom anymore. If you are lucky, you can still find one at a CCO for $36.50-$38.50.

How do you use this brush?

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