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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Review: Mac 239 Eye Shader Brush

I've heard so many raves about the Mac 239 Eye Shader Brush, and didn't know what all the fuss was about. I didn't want to pay $24.50 because I thought it was just a typical eyeshadow brush. What could be so special about an eyeshadow brush?

I was sooo wrong and regret that I didn't grab this from Mac sooner.

The bristles are densely packed and picks up colors really well. I just do one swipe and I get a rich color on my lids.

The Mac 239 is slim, but not flimsy. One of the reasons why I prefer this over other eyeshadow brushes is because of its firmness, which gives me better control during application.

I also love that the bristles are made of soft, white goat hair; however, it's a hassle to clean the brush because it stains easily. I have to rewash it sometimes. Also, the head of the brush may be too small for people with a large eye area.

Honestly, a basic eyeshadow brush could do just as good as the Mac 239. This is a luxury item for me, considering the price for it when compared to other eyeshadow brushes. I would definitely get this if you have money to splurge. If you are just starting out with makeup, a regular eyeshadow brush like the $1 ELF brush (review) would work just fine.

Note: The handle of the brush is a little over 6.5 inches

What do you think about this brush?

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