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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review: Confidential by Elle Bang E39 Fluff Eye Shader Brush

The Confidential E39 Fluff Eye Shader brush is another item that I picked up at the International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS). The biggest gripe that I have with this brush is that it splays a little bit, while the Coastal Scents C153 (review) and Mac 239 brush (review) keep their shape really well. When compared to just the Mac 239, the Confidential brush is just as thin but not as firm as the Mac version. (The head of the Coastal Scents brush is thicker than the other 2.) 


Even though the Confidential brush is not as soft as the Mac 239 or Coastal Scents C153 brush, I still find myself reaching for it more often because it has the biggest head and can cover more eye area in one swipe. (The bristles are by no means scratchy.) It also picks up and packs on color really well, just like the other 2 brushes. I only wish it was as firm as the Mac 239 because firmness gives me better control during application.

The Confidential brush cost me $8 at IMATS. It's the same price on their website, but you have to pay for shipping. The Mac 239 costs $24.50, while the Coastal Scents C153 costs $1.95.

Note: The Confidential brush measures a little over 6.75 inches in length, the Mac 239 is a little over 6.5 inches, and the C153 is about 5.5 inches.

Have you tried any of Confidential's brushes? 

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