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Friday, June 24, 2011

Review: Royal & Langnickel BC448 Silk Super Eye Fluff Brush

I picked up the Royal & Langnickel BC180 Silk Baby Dome Powder brush (review) and the BC448 Silk Super Eye Fluff brush the last time I was at the International Makeup-Up Artist Trade Show (IMATS). It's similar to the Mac 227 brush, except Royal & Langnickel's version is a teeny tiny bit firmer.

I prefer to use this brush for my face because it's a little too big for my eye area. Notice how big it is compared to the Coastal Scents C153 brush (review), which is typically the size of an eyeshadow brush. If you have a big eye space, then the BC448 brush will be perfect for adding a highlight color under your brows, packing color onto your lids, and for blending out harsh lines. The bristles are made from natural fibers, and are soft, dense and firm enough for performing those tasks effortlessly. 

I use this brush mainly to highlight the top of my cheekbones and to apply setting powder around my nose area. However, I prefer to use my Sonia Kashuk Black Small Multi Purpose brush (review) because it's fluffier and it disperses the product lightly. I find that the BC448 is a little too firm and dense for those types of application. Also, it picks up and packs on too much product; thus, this brush is ideal for eyeshadow application.

Bottom Line: This is not a horrible brush, but it's just not for me. If you have a big eye area, then you will definitely get more use out of it.

In terms of quality, this brush is excellent. I've had it since April and it hasn't shed a single hair. Also, there is no weird smell or any dye bleeding when I wash it.

Note: It only cost me $6 at IMATS. On Royal & Langnickel's website, it costs $11.99 plus shipping. If you plan on using it for the eye area, then it is definitely worth the investment. (The Mac version costs $30 Eeek!) The total length of the brush measures 6.5 inches. The head is 1.1 inches in length and 2/3 of an inch wide at the widest point.

I took the picture above at IMATS and thought it would be interesting to share. Also, the talented lady in the background created the look.

If you tried the R&L BC448 or Mac 227 brush, let me know how you use it.

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