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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Review: Inglot 4SS Eye Brush

Inglot was having a 20% off sale in-store on all bronzing products. So, I decided to grab the 4SS brush and AMC Bronzing Powder in #75, which I will be reviewing in a later post (review). The testers of all the face brushes that they had on display felt rough. The only brush that caught my eye was the 4SS. The tester didn't feel that soft, but they weren't scratchy either. I bought it anyways because I liked the size and shape of the brush.

After I washed it and let it air dried, the bristles fluffed out a bit, which is what I had anticipated because I bought the brush with the intention of using it to apply highlight on top of my cheekbones and to apply setting powder under my eyes & around the small crevices of my nose. The size of the brush is perfect for those types of applications. I actually prefer using the 4SS brush over my Sonia Kashuk Black Small Multi Purpose brush (review) because it's bigger and fits perfectly on top of my cheekbones. 

Even though the bristles of the 4SS brush are made from squirrel substitute, which usually means goat hair, the Sonia Kashuk brush is softer. The Edward Bess Luxury Eye brush (review) is the least softest out of the 3. However, I want to make it clear that none of the brushes are scratchy. 

The 4SS brush is the fullest & biggest. It's not too flimsy or firm and I'm surprised that the bristles feel so much softer than the tester in the store. Most importantly, it is more appropriate for face application because it's just too big for any types of eye applications.
The Edward Bess brush is the firmest and is the most suitable for blending out HARSH lines, when used for the eye area. As for the Sonia Kashuk brush, it's more fitting for blending out LIGHT colors because it's not as stiff as the Edward Bess brush. I can use both the Edward Bess and Sonia Kashuk brush for blending my eyeshadows, but not for defining the crease because they're too big for my crease area. (If you have a big eye area, then you can use both the Edward Bess and Sonia Kashuk brush as a crease brush.)

I highly recommend grabbing Inglot's 4SS brush if you plan on using it for face application. It retails $22, but it cost me $17.60 because the SA gave me 20% off, even though it wasn't part of their sale special.

The price range of Inglot's brushes is not drugstore cheap, but it's also not as expensive as the higher end brands. Also, the quality of the 4SS brush is very good and so far, only 1 strand of hair shedded.

Note: The total length of the brush measures 7.25 inches.

What do you think about Inglot's brushes?


  1. Hello !
    I love your blog ! ♥

    I have a little question, where did you get your mac palettes? Because there are 28 slots and not 15?

    Thanks a lot !

  2. @Laura

    Thanx! =D

    The empty eyeshadow palettes are not from Mac.

    I get them from Stars Makeup Haven.

    I wrote a post about it here.

  3. Thanks for this review! The 4SS has also caught my eye.


  4. I just bought the 4ss from Inglot. I was surprised how big he is. Have to try how I will use him^^


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