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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Swatches + Comparison: Urban Decay Suspect Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Suspect ~ MAC Jaunty ~ MAC Warming Trend ~ MAC Patina

Urban Decay Suspect ~ MAC Jaunty ~ MAC Warming Trend ~ MAC Patina

Lately, I've been on an Urban Decay eyeshadow craze, not only because the quality is amazing, but also because has been offering them at an attractive price. They had a 20% off Friends & Family Sale in May, so I purchased some items and when I received my package, there was a $10 off coupon. So, I place another order for Urban Decay's Suspect eyeshadow. From April-June, I earned $10.50 in Beauty dollars and used the credit to buy even more eyeshadows, which I will be reviewing and swatching soon. (They allow you to earn 5% back in Beauty dollars on every purchase you make during a calendar quarter, which is every three months. Then you have one month to spend your credit. The rewards program is absolutely free.)

For a even better deal, I received 12-13% cashback through Ebates and Mr.Rebates and free 2-day shipping through Shoprunner on all my orders. (If you plan on placing an order with them, click here to get $15 off any $75 order. 

Urban Decay Suspect

Urban Decay Suspect

Urban Decay Suspect ($18 for 1.5g) looks different depending on where and how heavily I apply it. When swatched on my arm, it looks like a light brown shade with a taupey-gold metallic sheen and it doesn't contain any chunky glitters. When worn on my lids as a sheer wash of color, it looks like a shimmery cool-toned gold shade and when I pack it on with a dense brush, such as the MAC 239, it looks less brown and it leaves a more gorgeous, taupey-gold metallic sheen. MAC Jaunty and Warming Trend are much lighter, brighter and gold, while MAC Patina is slightly darker, less frosty and more brownish-grey. The swatches don't do any of the eyeshadows justice. They look so much prettier when worn on the lids and I love using them (separately) for an everyday neutral eye look. 

Suspect has great pigmentation when you use a dense brush and when worn over a primer. I didn't experience any fallouts during application and it blended easily. Also, it lasted at least 14 hours without fading or creasing.

The old formulation of the Urban Decay eyeshadows had a very buttery texture and they were super pigmented and long-lasting. The new formulation is basically the same, but it just feels slightly more smooth. Also, the new packaging allows you to pop out the eyeshadow and put it into the Urban Decay customizable palette, which holds 4 eyeshadows. I do not travel light, and I prefer to depot all my eyeshadows and store them in my Empty 28 Pan Eyeshadow Palette. For this reason, I wish Urban Decay sold refill pans. 

Bottom Line: I highly recommend grabbing Suspect because it's so wearable and practically fool-proof. It can be paired with browns for an everyday neutral look or greens for a fun, sexy night time look. However you wear it, it will always look gorgeous. Also, the quality is well worth the price. I am definitely purchasing more!

Note: Suspect is a permanent shade and is available for purchase at Nordstrom,, Ulta and Sephora for $18. Patina is a permanent shade and is available at Nordstrom and MAC's online store for $11.50 (refill pan) and $15 (pot). Jaunty and Warming Trend are limited edition and are sold out. The empty 28 pan palette can be purchased from Coastal Scents for $9.95.

*This post contains referral and affiliate links. None of the products mentioned are sponsored.

Have you tried the new formulation of Urban Decay eyeshadows?
By the way, I have quite a few more UD eyeshadows to share with you all.
Stay tuned and follow me on Pinterest for a sneak peak! ^_^


  1. I have Suspect and love it too! I still think the should lower the price a little for this whole Build Your Palette thing, but that doesn't stop me from purchasing their single eyeshadows!

  2. The Build Your Palette concept baffles me. The packaging is bulky and you don't save any money by buying 6 eyeshadows and the palette.

    The only reason why the $18 is worth it to me is because the quality is amazing and I prefer single eyshadows. I rarely buy pre-made palettes because I'm OCD. Also, I find them to be wasteful (for me personally), since there are always a few colors that I end up not liking/using. I really wish UD would sell them in pan form, so that they can cut down on the plastic, be more eco-friendly, and reduce the cost.


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