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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Stars Makeup Haven Empty Eyeshadow Palette

Stars Makeup Haven Empty 28 Pan Eyeshadow Palette

I've been getting alot of questions, regarding my empty eyeshadow palettes. I get them from Stars Makeup Haven (SMH) for $15.00. You can also get it from Coastal Scents for $9.95. Mac's Single Pro Palette ($8) is thicker and the insert ($2) only fits 15 eyeshadows. SMH's palette is the better choice for eyeshadow junkies like me because it fits more eyeshadows with the insert. They also fit alot of different brands of eyeshadows, including Mac, Urban Decay, Coastal Scents, ELF, and SMH of course. I depot all my eyeshadows and store them all in there so it's more organized and easily accessible when I do my makeup.

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  1. question...
    HAve you tried to remove the top part of the palette?
    is the whole bottom of the palette magnetized?
    thanks :D

  2. @CopyCat

    I'm not sure if the whole bottom of the palette is magnetized, but I highly DON'T recommend taking out the divider and placing your eyeshadows next to each other because the fall outs from the eyeshadows will go all over the place, and it'll become really messy.


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