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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Review + Swatches: Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal 24HR Cream Gel Eyeshadow

Please check out my previous posts for swatches + reviews
The "pros and cons" refers only to Barely Branded, Inked In Pink and Gold Rush.

  • texture feels creamy
  • applies smoothly (Barely Branded and Inked In Pink)
  • good color payoff (Barely Branded and Inked In Pink)
  • blends easily
  • doesn't crease or fade (Barely Branded and Inked In Pink)
  • lasts at least 16 hours (Barely Branded and Inked In Pink)
  • no fallouts during blending (Barely Branded and Inked In Pink)
  • doesn't tug the skin during application
  • no chunky glitter (Barely Branded and Inked In Pink)
  • affordable price

  • contain tiny specks of sparkles (Gold Rush)
  • applies patchy (Gold Rush)
  • fallouts during blending (Gold Rush)
  • flakes away (Gold Rush)

Application: Here are the following steps that I take when I use them as a base for powder eyeshadows and to ensure a perfect application:
  1. apply product on left eye for a sheer wash of color (using a synthetic brush)
  2. apply product on right eye for a sheer wash of color (using a synthetic brush)
  3. apply 2nd layer on left eye for an opaque finish
  4. apply 2nd layer on right eye for an opaque finish
  5. blend left eye
  6. blend right eye

It's not rocket science, but I find that when I blend immediately after applying, the product fades away and if I wait too long, it becomes really difficult to blend. So, just follow those 6 simple steps that I mentioned above and blending will be a breeze. (Note: Do not over apply them or they will "cake and crack.") Also, I recommend using a synthetic brush, such as the Royal & Langnickel BC411 brush (mini review), because it's more sanitary, it offers more control and it gives better color payoff.

As for lasting power, I don't dare to test these eyeshadows for 24 hours because (1) makeup should not be worn for that long and (2) I don't want to get an eye infection or irritated skin. However, I did test Barely Branded and Inked In Pink on my oily lids for 16 hours and they didn't fade or crease when used with a primer, without a primer or with powder eyeshadows over them.

Gold Rush was a bit of a disappointment. It applies unevenly and makes a mess during blending because it contains tiny specks of sparkles. I've tried wearing a primer underneath and using my fingers, a concealer brush, and many other synthetic brushes, but it made no difference. It still left a patchy and glittery finish when applied sheerly. When I layered it, it left a dry, cakey and scaly finish. Also, the product flakes off within minutes of application. The pigmentation looks fine in my arm swatches. Unfortunately, it just doesn't translate that way when applied onto my lids.

70 Barely Branded is a light champagne-beige shade with a metallic finish. When worn on my lids and compared side by side, Barely Branded pulls more yellowy beige-gold, while Barely Beige pulls more pink. When swatched on my hand near natural lighting, they both look indistinguishable. I also couldn't tell the difference between the two when I wore MAC Jest on top.

I love both shades equally because they're both so easy to wear and they prevent my eye makeup from creasing and fading, even in the corner of my eye! These are perfect for creating an everyday neutral eye look and have been a staple in my makeup collection. I can't live without them and have multiple backups of each! (Note: They can be a little bit tricky to work with because if I apply a sheer layer and then set it with a powder eyeshadow, I experience a little bit of fading throughout the day. If I over apply it, it looks dry, scaly and cakey. I find that applying 2 layers of it and then setting it with a powder eyeshadow is the best way to use it.)

55 Inked In Pink is a light rosy pink with a metallic finish. When swatched on my arm, it looks too dark to be a lid shade. However, when worn on my lids, it looks lighter and more like a light neutral pink shade. It looks absolutely gorgeous as an all over the lid color and excellent as a base for powder eyeshadows, such as MAC Jest. My swatches don't do the colors any justice. (I promise it's really not that dark when applied on the lids! It's actually one of my go-to shades when I want to create an everyday neutral eye look.)

(Picture above was taken inside near a window. All pictures below were taken outside.)

65 Gold Rush is a bright yellow gold with a metallic finish and tiny specks of sparkles. The color doesn't suit my NC30/35 skin tone that well. Also, when worn alone, it leaves a very patchy finish. When I applied Urban Decay Half Baked over it, it looked slightly orange, which baffled me because when I wear Half Baked alone, it does not look orange on my medium complexion at all.

Bold Gold and Gold Shimmer are more brown and work well as a base to make warm eyeshadows appear less orangey on lighter beauties. If you found MAC Woodwinked or Urban Decay Half Baked to be too orange on your skin tone, then I recommend wearing Bold Gold or Gold Shimmer underneath.

Bottom Line: Gold Rush definitely doesn't look attractive when worn alone and is a pain to work with due to its tiny specks of sparkles. However, Barely Branded and Inked In Pink are amazing in every aspect and I highly recommend hoarding a bunch. They have (1) excellent pigmentation, (2) are easy to apply, (3) they intensify the color of powder eyeshadows, (4) lengthen the wear of my eye makeup and (5) are super affordable.

Note: The Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal 24HR Cream Gel eyeshadows in Barely Branded, Inked In Pink, Bold Gold and Gold Rush are permanent. Barely Beige and Gold Shimmer are limited edition. Each contains 4g of product and is available at UltaTarget and for around $6. As with any drugstore product, I would definitely wait for a sale because there is always a "buy one, get one half off" or even a "buy one, get one for free" sale.

Which Maybelline cream shadows are your favorite?
original permanent shades (review & swatches)
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  1. Wow! Pretttyyyy swatches!:)

  2. They look so pretty, but I don't think I need any more eyeshadows. :P


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