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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Review + Comparison - Crown Brush C442 Duo Fiber Buffer Brush + C439 Round Buffer Brush

I placed an order with Crown Brush last year when they had a 10% OFF sale. The company requires a minimum order amount of $25 and they charge a flat rate shipping fee of $7 to east coast residents. I bought the C442 Duo Fiber Buffer brush, C439 Round Buffer brush, and SS003 Deluxe Medium Foundation brush, which totaled to $33.85. The SS003 was too flimsy for me, so I gave it away. Continue reading to find out what I think about the other brushes!

Crown Brush C442 Duo Fiber Buffer Brush ($9.99) - The white bristles are made of synthetic material, while the black bristles are made of natural hair. It is super dense and much firmer than my other duo fiber brushes, which is not necessarily a good thing. I actually find it to be too dense for stippling liquid foundation because it places a concentrated amount of product on one area and takes longer to blend out. I prefer the MAC 187 to stipple liquid foundation because it's not as dense as the C442, but it is by no means flimsy. So, it disperses product evenly and it provides better coverage without absorbing and wasting alot of product. Also, it leaves an airbrushed finish.

When used in a buffing motion to apply liquid foundation, the C442 does not shed because the white synthetic bristles are so densely packed that it prevents the product from reaching the black bristles. (If you press the brush firmly onto your skin and use a heavy hand when you're buffing in the product, then the product will reach the black bristles and it will start shedding. Just use a lighter hand when you're using the brush in a buffing motion and it won't shed.) Because the bristles are so densely packed, it absorbs alot of product and doesn't provide as much coverage as my MAC 187. (Keep in mind, I only use my MAC 187 in a stippling motion.) Also, the head of the C442 brush is wide and can be a little difficult to reach the small crevices of the face. However, it blends out product really well and makes applying foundation much quicker when used in a buffing motion. The Sigma F80 has a smaller head and the bristles are made of solely synthetic material. I prefer the C442 over the Sigma F80 because it doesn't tug my skin as much when used in a buffing motion. 

The C442 feels very soft and doesn't feel prickly or uncomfortable when used in a stippling or buffing motion. I did experience dye bleeding during its initial wash and it stained the white bristles grey, which I had to remove by using olive oil. It hasn't bled since then, but it sheds 1 hair from time to time when I'm cleaning it. (I clean it with baby shampoo and olive oil.) However, it doesn't shed or leave hairs all over my face when I'm using it. It takes about 13 hours to dry, but if you use a paper towel to absorb the excess water, then it'll take about 8.5 hours to dry. Also, the head is full size, but the handle is travel size. The full length of the brush measures 4.75 inches. 

Crown Brush C439 Round Buffer Brush ($13.95) - The bristles are made of solely synthetic material and is much denser than the Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Buffing brush, but a teeny tiny bit less denser than the Sigma F82. The head of the C439 brush is bigger, so it can cover a greater portion of the face and buff in product quicker, while the Sigma F82 is smaller and can reach the small crevices of the face better. However, both tug my skin when I use them to buff liquid foundation because they are very dense and don't glide product onto the skin as easily or blend product as effortlessly as my Real Techniques Buffing brush.

The Sonia Kashuk brush has longer bristles and it is not as dense as the C439 and Sigma F82, so it doesn't tug the skin. Also, the size of the head allows it to buff in liquid foundation quickly. I prefer to use it to apply my Chanel cream bronzer. The top of the brush is too wide to fit on the cheek area, so I like to hold the brush at an angle and use the side of the brush to tap the product onto my cheeks.

The main issue with the Sonia Kashuk, C439 and Sigma F82 is that they all waste and absorb alot of product and don't provide as much coverage as my MAC 187 when used for applying liquid foundation. Also, I don't recommend any of them for buffing in mineral/powder foundation because synthetic bristles do not lay down powder products as well as natural bristles. For applying mineral/powder foundation, I recommend using the Sonia Kashuk Dense Blush Powder brush or the Sephora #43 because they provide better coverage. However, I don't recommend using brushes made of natural bristles for applying liquid products because that will cause your brushes to shed.

The C439 brush feels very soft and I haven't experienced any shedding. Also, the head is full size, but the handle is travel size. The full length of the brush measures 5.75 inches. It takes about 12 hours to dry.

Bottom Line: If you don't mind wasting product and are always rushing out the door, then the C442 and C439 will suit your needs because they buff in product quickly. The size of the short handles also make it excellent for travel.

Note: The Crown C442 and C439 are sold individually on their online store. The Sigma F80 and F82 are available at Nordstrom. The Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Buffing brush is available only at Target

Which Crown brushes do you recommend?

* This post contains affiliate links. 
The Sigma brushes were given to me by one of my lovely friends. 
All of the other brushes that are mentioned above were purchased by me using my own funds,


  1. Petit Pain D'EpiceMarch 30, 2013 at 4:50 AM

    I totally love your reviews !
    I was thinking about buying a brush like that, is there any difference between the sigma travel brushes and the regular ones ?
    i like MAC brushes the most but here is SOOO expensive one brush would be btw 40 to 60 usd

  2. Thank you for dropping by! =) The Sigma travel brushes have shorter handles compared to the regular ones. I like Sigma's eye brushes and synthetic brushes. The face brushes with the natural bristles feel a little prickly on my face. However, that might be because I have a sensitive skin.

  3. I find Sigma brushes to be extremely overrated and the customer service is terrible! I bought quite a few brushes from them due to all the hype, nearly every brush I got fell apart. The metal ferrule I think it's called separated from the handle. When I contacted them there we're about 17 emails exchanged about the poor brush quality. I had barely had them a month and only used each of them a few times. I cleaned them as directed but even GorillaGlue couldn't keep them together. They only wanted to send a couple replacements when I emailed an entire list of the ones that fell apart. I am still not a satisfied customer so I will save my money for quality brushes.


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