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Friday, March 16, 2012

Review + Comparison: Sonia Kashuk Dense Blush Powder Brush

Sonia Kashuk recently launched her Spring 2012 collection with a few new brushes added to the line. I didn't hesistate to get the Dense Blush Powder brush because her black handle brushes never fail to amaze me. 

  • feels teddy bear soft when I run my fingers through the bristles & when I use it in a buffing motion
  • bristles are dense & firm
  • able to reach into all crevices of the face
  • ideal for applying mineral foundation and for buffing out over-applied products
  • great for contouring and applying sheer or regular pigmented blushes/bronzers
  • price is affordable
  • no dye bleeding
  • no funky smell after a few washes
  • dries within 6 hours
  • easy to wash when used with powder products
  • shedding has stopped after a week of use

  • feels prickly when used in a tapping motion
  • too dense for applying a light dusting of setting powder and highly pigmented blushes

MAC Gareth Pugh 182 Brush $60 (full review): The Sonia Kashuk Dense Blush Powder brush is just as soft as the MAC 182 brush, which is ideal for applying setting powder and mineral/powder foundation if you want light coverage. However, the Sonia Kashuk brush is a more suitable option if you want better coverage since the bristles are slightly more densely packed(Note: The denser the brush, the more coverage you'll get.) I also find that it offers better control and can get into the small crevices of the face better since the head is smaller.

MAC 109 Brush $34 (full review): The Sonia Kashuk Dense Blush Powder brush feels just as soft, but is slightly more dense than the MAC 109. However, I find that the MAC 109 is still dense enough for contouring. Moreover, it fits perfectly in the hollow of my cheeks and offers better precision because it has a smaller head. However, the Sonia Kashuk version is a more affordable option.

Sonia Kashuk Large Domed Eyeshadow Brush $9.99 (mini review): This is ideal for applying highlight on the browbone and for blending harsh lines. The Sonia Kashuk Dense Blush Powder brush is more suitable for face application.

The Sonia Kashuk Dense Blush Powder brush is ideal for applying mineral/powder foundation because the bristles are densely packed and fits well into the crevices of the face. The firmness and the size of the head also makes it suitable for contouring and for buffing out over-applied products

However, the brush is not ideal for applying highly pigmented blushes because it's simply too dense and it will place a concentrated amount of product onto the cheek area; thus, making it difficult to blend out. It is also too dense for applying a light dusting of setting powder. 

When I use the brush for sheer blushes, it picks up the product very well and disperses evenly onto my cheek area. However, when I use it to apply regular pigmented blushes, it takes a little more work and technique. I find that I must tap the product onto my cheek area first and then blend upwards towards my hair line. If I just sweep the product without tapping it onto my cheek area, then it ends up looking blotchy. Also, please keep in mind that the brush feels a little prickly when I use it in a tapping motion. However, the bristles feels soft and not scratchy at all when I run my fingers through it and when I use it in a buffing motion.

As for maintenance, it's really easy to clean when used with powder products and dries within 6 hours. I did experience some shedding during the first week, but it has stopped shedding after a few washes. (This brush is made from natural bristles; therefore, it is not ideal for applying liquid/cream products. It will shed non-stop and like crazy if you do.) 

Bottom Line: I highly recommend grabbing the Sonia Kashuk Dense Blush Powder brush for buffing powder products, such as mineral/powder foundation, sheer blushes and bronzers because the bristles feel so soft and dense. It is also a more affordable option as a contouring brush, compared to the MAC 109. Overall, the quality of the Sonia Kashuk brush is well worth the price tag.

Note: The Sonia Kashuk Dense Blush Powder brush measures 7.25 inches and is available at Target for $17.99.

Which Sonia Kashuk brushes have you tried and love?

Update: I just purchased another Sonia Kashuk Dense Blush Powder brush and the newer one is less dense than the original one. It also feels slightly softer and does not feel prickly when used in a tapping motion. I find that the newer one is more suitable for applying setting powder, regular pigmented blushes and bronzers, while the older one is more suitable for buffing out over-applied products and for applying mineral foundation & sheer blushes. 

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  1. I want those brushes!! <3!!

  2. Great review! I have the whole set of these brushes and I love the sleek handle and how affordable it is. I might have to pick up this brush just to have a complete set =)

  3. Thanx Junella! I totally agree. I just wish more places would carry her line because her black handle brushes are awesome! =)

  4. Hey! Sooo following, Can you follow back? it's cool check it out!

  5. thanks for the review! my favorite sonia kashuk brush is the all-purpose blush contour brush! the handle looks very similar to the one you reviewed, but the brush is contoured and looks like a mac 168. its my absolutely favorite blush brush and picks up both sheer/pigmented powder blush perfectly :)


  6. No problem! =)

    I actually have a review comparing the MAC 168 and Sonia Kashuk Angled Multi Purpose Brush. =D

    I love using the Sonia Kashuk angled multi purpose brush for sheer blushes because the brush is so dense and picks up product very well.


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