Saturday, January 15, 2011

Review: Sigma F80 Flat Top & F82 Round Top Synthetic Kabuki Brush

I have been hearing so many raves about the Sigma F80 Flat Top and the Sigma F82 Round Top Synthetic Kabuki brush. Alot of people have said that they are the "best foundation brushes ever." However, I have to disagree. They aren't horrible brushes, but I definitely wouldn't call them the best liquid foundation brushes.

The F82 Round Top is a little bit denser and can get around small areas more easily than the F80 Flat Top, but they work essentially the same when applying liquid foundation. When compared to the Everyday Minerals Flat Top brush (review), it's much easier to buff in a circular motion with the Sigma brushes because the bristles are not too long. (The bristles are about an inch long. The total length of the F80 is 6 inches, while the F82 is 5.75 inches.) 

The Sigma brushes buff in liquid foundation really well, but my Mac 187 brush (review) gives me a more airbrushed finish and more coverage, while using less foundation. With the Sigma brushes, a little bit of foundation gets wasted because it's being absorbed by the bristles when I buff. Although I use a little bit more foundation with the Sigma brushes, the coverage that I get is not as good as the coverage that I get from my Mac 187 brush.  

Another thing worth mentioning is that the brushes stain easily when using cream or liquid products, and take forever to dry. To get the stain out, I have wash them a couple of times. Then, I use a paper towel to absorb as much water as I can, but they still take about 15 hours to completely dry.

The only good thing about these brushes is that they are super soft and they make applying liquid foundation easy and quick. I would recommend these brushes if you are someone who is always in a rush or if you are just starting out with makeup and don't want to invest in a higher end brand yet.

I also recommend getting these brushes if you are an avid cream foundation user. These brushes blend cream foundation into your skin effortlessly and there is no streaking whatsoever. I cannot use my Mac 187 to stipple cream foundation onto my face because cream products are thicker in consistency. You need a really dense and synthetic brush to apply cream foundation and the Sigma F80 and F82 are perfect for that.

I also like these brushes for applying mineral foundation or setting powder because it picks up alot of product. When compared to a traditional powder brush, I find that the Sigma brushes gives me more coverage when I use them to apply powder products.
You can buy the Sigma F80 Flat Top* and the Sigma F82 Round Top Synthetic Kabuki* for $16.00 each. They are not cheap, but are much more affordable than Mac brushes and other higher end brands. 

If you are placing an order with Sigma, please remember to use the 10% off coupon, which can be found on my blog's sidebar. The Sigma coupon code is updated every month.

*affiliate link

How do you use these brushes? 


  1. I have heard all of the raves too, but I am really skeptical. So many people are affiliates for Sigma that I am not sure if I can trust the raves.

    Thanks for the review!

  2. @Cosmetics Aficionado

    No problem! Glad it was helpful. =)

  3. Very very helpfull! Thank YOu!

  4. Ooh, love the honest review! :) Yeah I'm just starting out with makeup, and I DO want to try these out, but just out of curiosity, which do you find that you use more often (if you were to use them haha)? thanks ^.^

  5. When choosing between the F80 and F82 brush, I prefer the F80. It's just a personal preference. They both work essentially the same, but I just prefer the flat top shape more.

    Have you considered the Coastal Scents Divine Powder Buffer brush for applying liquid foundation? It's $14.95 and I've been testing the brush out for the past week and I'm liking it so far. I will write a full review on the Coastal Scents brush after I test it out a little more. =)


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