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Friday, August 5, 2011

Monthly Favorites: July 2011

I never do monthly favorites because my favorites usually stay the same; however, 
BabyJap of Pink Thought Bubble tagged me. 
I never got tagged before and I was super excited when she did! 
So, I decided to post my monthly July favorites for you all. =)

Japonesque Professional Blush Brush ($38) & Studio Gear #13 Blush Brush ($35): Both brushes are super soft and not too dense or flimsy for blush application. They are the softest brushes that I own (along with my Cover FX #160 brush: review) and I absolutely adore them. They are both very similar, except the bristles of the Japonesque brush is a smidgen longer and the bristles of the Studio Gear brush is a little wider & a tiny bit denser, but both brushes essentially perform the same. (I will do an in-depth review of both brushes soon.)

Dior Shimmer Star Highlighter in Amber Diamond (review & swatches): This is my holy grail highlighter. It gives me a nice glow & a gorgeous sheen without any glittery mess. It is truly an amazing product and the packaging is just the "icing on the cake".

Dior Healthy Glow Powder Bronzer in Aurora (review & swatches): I can't stress how lovely Dior's packaging is, but besides that, the product itself is beautiful on my cheeks. The color acts both as a bronzer and blush for me. It's such a shame that it's limited edition; however, Dior's Bronze Original Tan in Healthy Tan 01 (review & swatchesis a dupe for it. Healthy Tan may not look similar to Aurora when swatched on my arms, but when I apply it on my cheeks, I can barely tell the difference between those two. I recommend checking out Healthy Tan if you can't get a hold of Aurora.

Urban Decay Half Baked Eyeshadow (swatches): I did a look here using this eyeshadow. It's my all time favorite eyeshadow. Other gold eyeshadows are too yellow, cool-toned or "dirty" looking. Half Baked is the perfect shade of gold for me and I love pairing it with browns or greens.

*Tagging the Following Lovely Bloggers*
Emma of Pure Blossom
Kleines Mau of Kleines Mau
Michelle Anne of Vixen Beauty
Nikki of Gnothi Seauton

*The Rules Are* 
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List your Top 10 Favorite Skincare/Beauty Products. 
Pass this on to 10 Beauty Bloggers. 

*So sorry that I didn't exactly follow the rules, but I really don't have 10 favorites that I'm in love with right now. 


  1. holy cow, I'm going to have to do this one huh? I didn't do July faves because of my silly monthly allowance but I'll do this tag anyways, thanks !

  2. Thank you Elisa!

    I checked out your blog, but it's in Italian. =(

    I don't know how to read Italian. =(

  3. nice favs....I love half baked too, i wear it almost every day... amber diamond is beautiful as well :D

  4. Excellent reviews!! :) I LOVVE Amber Diamond! That is the only Dior highlighter i own, although I really want the other one too!

  5. Thanx Alma =)

    @Rainy Days and Lattes
    I swatched Rose Diamond in store and it was beautiful as well, but I don't know if I can pull it off with my yellow skintone cuz Rose Diamond is more pinkish, but it looks gorgeous in pan!

  6. I love Amber Diamond! One of my fave highlighters!

  7. @❤

    If they ever discontinue it, I will buy like tens of millions of backups. LOL

  8. I neither know much nor really care about make-up. Just wanted to leave you some reddit-love.

  9. Great favs! I love my Dior bronzer except I have mine in Sunset which gives a beautiful bronzed look..

    And of course the infamous Amber diamond is a must!

    Btw, I did reply to your comment on my LA Silk Foundation post ;)

  10. @Khtam
    That's so sweet.
    Thank you for dropping by. =)

    @Delyteful Speaks
    Yeah, I know because I kept refreshing that page to see if you replied hahaha


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