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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Review: Studio Gear #11 Contour Blush Brush

  • bristles feels luxuriously soft (feels softer than my MAC & Sonia Kashuk brushes)
  • not too dense or too flimsy for bronzer/blush application
  • no shedding when used with powder products
  • no dye bleeding
  • no funky smell 
  • dries within 8 hours
  • easy to wash when used with powder products

  • a little too big for the cheek area
  • too flimsy for contouring

The Studio Gear #11 brush is a little softer and bigger than both the Sonia Kashuk Multi Purpose brush (full review) and the MAC 168 brush (full review). However, the Sonia Kashuk brush is more denser, while the MAC 168 brush is less denser than the Studio Gear #11 brush.

The Sonia Kashuk brush is best used for picking up sheer products, since the bristles are densely packed, while the MAC 168 brush and the Studio Gear #11 brush are best used for applying regular-pigmented products, since the bristles are neither too dense nor flimsy. However, the MAC 168 brush sheds 1-2 hairs after each wash and the Studio Gear #11 brush is slightly too big for the cheek area. If you dip the entire tip of the brush into the product & then apply it onto the cheeks, then the product will cover a huge portion of the face. Therefore, you need to pick up the product with only a small part of the brush. So, to save you from the "trouble," I recommend purchasing the Studio Gear #13 brush (mini review) for applying regular-pigmented products because the size of the brush head and the density of the bristles are perfect. It also doesn't shed and it feels teddy bear soft.

As for contouring, I find that the Studio Gear #11 brush is too flimsy and too wide for that type of application. I much prefer the MAC 109 brush (mini review) because it's dense & firm and the head fits perfectly in the hollow of my cheeks. 

Bottom Line: There is nothing wrong with the quality of the Studio Gear #11 brush; however, it fails during application because the head of the brush is simply too big for its intended use. If you want to make this brush useable, it will take more effort and technique. It works best for applying setting powder all over the face. I recommend getting the Studio Gear #13 brush for applying regular-pigmented products and the MAC 109 brush for contouring

Note: The Studio Gear Contour Blush Brush #11 measures 7.5 inches and retails for $35 on their online store.

Have you tried the Studio Gear #11 brush?
How do you use it?

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