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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Swatches + Review: Sonia Kashuk Eyeshadow Quad in 07 Purple Haze

  • not expensive compared to other eyeshadows, such as Mac or Urban Decay
  • doesn't crease when used with a primer
  • these eyeshadows have not been tested on animals
  • both purple shades and brown shade have decent color payoff when layered and when used with a primer

  • fades a bit after 6 hours, even with a primer
  • blends too easily (color disappears when I blend too much or too hard)
  • fallouts during application

This is not your typical eyeshadow quad. The eyeshadows are more like pressed glittery pigments that flakes in the pan and gets loose a bit. If you're a fan of glitter and sparkle, then this quad is right up your alley because all the shades contain silver sparkles that appear "wet" when swatched in person. Also, the lilac purple, the bluish purple and the charcoal brown shade all have decent color payoff when layered and when used with a primer. As for the silvery white shade, it lacks pigmentation, which can be a good thing because you can apply it over a matte eyeshadow to give it a pop of glitter and sparkle. Also, fallout is expected, but can be easily wiped away if you apply your eye makeup before foundation or can be minimized by using a damp brush to apply the product.

Bottom Line: Those that hate glitter should stay far away from the Sonia Kashuk Purple Haze eyeshadow quad. However, if you love to sparkle in glitter, then I recommend grabbing this quad, but I would reserve it for Halloween or for special occasions because the chunky glitters can be a bit overbearing for day use

Note: The Sonia Kashuk eyeshadow quad contains 4g of product and you can purchase this at Target for around $12.99.

Have you tried the Sonia Kashuk Purple Haze Quad?

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  1. I always thought Sonia Kashuk's products never go on sale. I love her stuff. If they do have sales I'm all over it! Currently using and loving her luminous foundation.

  2. Pretty colors but doesn't like like a good formula. Anything that falls apart is not good.

  3. A bit too glittery to my taste, but I am sure there will be plenty of people loving it for exactly that same reason. I never tried any of Sonia Kashuk's products, but this won't be one for me to try. I hate glitter fall out, it always manages to linger on my face for days...

  4. This is my first time trying Sonia Kashuk's eyeshadows, but I love her black handle brushes. They're so soft and definitely worth checking out, especially if you're on a budget.

  5. Those colors are so pretty! Love em :) By the way, I replied to your email about the giveaway and I was just wondering if you got it.
    Again, I'm really really sorry about the fact that you had to contact me instead of it being the other way around!

  6. Hi Hannah,

    I was just about to email you because I shipped the package today. =)
    I'm sooooo glad you finally claimed the prize or else I would have had to choose another winner. =(
    I shipped your package through priority mail, so hopefully, it'll arrive before this weekend.
    Hope you enjoy all your goodies! Congratulations again!!

  7. thank you so much! And again, sorry for all the hassle about replying late!


  8. beautiful shadows! first time, I like the glitter :)

  9. I love these coulours!



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