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Monday, May 28, 2012

Swatches + Review: MAC Hey Sailor! Highlight Powder in Crew

MAC recently launched the Hey, Sailor! Collection and I decided to place my order with Nordstrom since I was getting other beauty stuff as well. =)

Crew consists of 3 main shades, including a pinky lilac, pink and peachy orange, which all have a satin finish. The colored stripes may seem like they are just an overlay; however, the creamy beige shade is actually the one that's an overlay because underneath it, lies the 3 main shades. 

The texture feels smooth and the pigmentation is great (not sheer, but not too pigmented). It applies easily and nicely with a standard blush brush, such as the Studio Gear #13 (full reviewor the Japonesque Professional blush brush (mini review). When I mix all the colors together, it translates into a light pinky shade with a hint of peach on my cheeks. It looks a little bit washed out and chalky on my NC30/35 skin tone. However, after I spritz some MAC Fix+ or plain water and wait about 15 minutes, the color warms up to my skin and ends up looking natural without any ashiness or ghastly cast. Also, I like using more of the orange shade because it makes my cheeks look more peachy, which looks more flattering on my skin tone. 

It has a semi-matte finish and it leaves a subtle glow to the cheeks that looks very natural and appropriate for work. It's definitely not an eye-catching frosty highlighter/blush. As for the wear time, it lasted at least 8 hours without fading when worn over liquid foundation + setting powder. 

(The beige overlay is pretty thick. It took me a while to remove it with a dense brush. Once the beige overlay is gone, the blush is actually not chalky anymore and it looks quite lovely on my medium-tan skin tone; however, it will take at least 6 months before seeing the 3 main colors underneath, even if you use it consistently everyday.)

Bottom Line: Crew is labeled as a highlight powder, but it's also a blush that can lean more pink or peach, depending on how you apply it. I love the nautical themed packaging and I'm glad that the colored stripes are not just an overlay & that the 3 main colors are hidden underneath the beige overlay. However, the application can be a little tricky and requires more work for those with a medium or dark skin tone. Lighter beauties will definitely enjoy this more.

Note: The MAC Highlight Powder in Crew contains 10g/0.35oz. It is limited edition and is still available at MAC counters, Nordstrom, Macy's, and Dillard's for $29.

What did you grab from the Hey, Sailor! Collection?

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  1. Hi :) new follower! This powder is great with all those shades! I really love it! If you like we can follow each other! kiss

  2. Esta coleccion es preciosa!!

    Un beso, Maquillando sueños

  3. wow, I would have never thought to brush of the beige top...the shades underneath are so pretty!

  4. I didn't get anything but I like the design of the collection.

  5. That's how they always lure me into buying their products. Those darn cute packaging! LOL

  6. the colors are so pretty!! I havent been interested in any of the recent mac collections =.=.. I just like the way they present the products

  7. Hey Ke! I wasn't too interested in this collection either. Crew is the "star" item in this collection because of its unique packaging, but color-wise, it's not a must-have for NC30/35ers.

  8. hey joyce, i actually went to check out the shades but i didn't find anything i particularly liked for some reason. the colors seemed similar to ones i already had or ones that didn't match my skin tone. that highlighter would've been the one thing i did consider purchasing though, thanks for reviewing



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