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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Review: Crown Brush Studio Series C138 Round Contour Brush vs. C317 Deluxe Crease Brush

The Crown Brush Studio Series C138 Round Contour brush (Coastal Scents Sable Contour Brush) and the Crown Brush C317 Deluxe Crease brush both do a great job at contouring, defining the outer v, and adding color to the outer corner or inner tear duct. However, the bristles of the C138 is a little bit denser and softer than the C317. The handle of the C317 (7.5 inches) is also much longer compared to the C138 (5.5 inches).

The C317 costs $2.49 at, while the C138 is $1.87. You can also buy the C138 from Coastal Scents for $1.79.

How do they compare to the S217 and C222 (review)? The bristles of the C138 and C317 are a little bit shorter and less fuller. It's easier to blend out the outer corner color with either my S217 or C222 because the bristles are denser. 

If I could only keep one brush, I would choose the S217 because the bristles are fuller and the handle is the perfect size.

What contour brush do you have?

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