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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Review: Mac 182 Buffer Brush (Couture Limited Edition)

My Mac 182 Buffer Brush (Couture Limited Edition) has just replaced my Coastal Scents Italian Badger Buffer brush (review). It came out during Mac's Couture Collection in 2006. The bristles are dense and made of super soft goat hair. I love using it to apply my setting powder and it's also great for buffing in mineral foundation and buffing out blushes. It picks up the right amount of product and distributes evenly onto my skin. I won't use it for liquid foundation because it'll damage the natural fibers and cause it to shed more. As of right now, my brush has yet to shed a single strand of hair.

However, when I wash the brush, it's hard to avoid the handle from getting wet. I'm also scared that some of the bristles will pull out when I squeeze them to get the water out. 

The handle is about 1.35 inches wide and 2.75 inches in length including the bristles. It costs $55.00 and is not available anymore at Mac. However, if you find one at the CCO, it costs $38.50. (The nearest CCO in my area is about 2 hours away. It's best to call your nearest CCO to make sure they have it in stock before going there.) 

You can also find the Mac 182 Couture brush at an Estee Lauder Warehouse Sale for $15.00. (The sale happens every 4 months in Canada and sometimes in the US, but you need a ticket to get in. The tickets are only given to Mac and Estee Lauder employees, who are then allowed to give the tickets to their friends and family members. You also need to consider travelling time and gas money. Moreover, you might not find the Mac 182 Couture brush because there is no guarantee that the brush will still be available at the Warehouse sale.)

The 182 regular brush is still available at Nordstrom for $47. The major difference between the regular brush and the couture brush is the handle. The couture version has a square handle, which is much prettier and a little bit heavier, but during application, it basically works the same as the regular version.

How do you use this brush?

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