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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Review: Mac 217 Brush vs. Coastal Scents Pro Blending Fluff Brush vs. Sigma E25 Brush

I already reviewed the Mac 217 brush here. I don't like using the Mac 217 for crease work or for blending out harsh lines. However, it is my go-to brush for applying transition color underneath my highlight color and above my crease area. That being said, I bought the Coastal Scents Pro Blending Fluff brush and the Sigma E25 brush with the intention of using them the same way that I use my Mac 217 brush.

The bristles of the Coastal Scents Pro Blending Fluff brush are the same size as the Mac 217. The only difference is that the Coastal Scents version is less dense, and a little bit flimsier than the Mac brush. I prefer the Coastal Scents brush for adding transition color and for crease work because it's easier to control since the tip of the brush is not as wide as the Mac brush.

As for blending, I didn't like the Mac 217 for blending. So, I knew I wasn't going to like the Coastal Scents brush for blending either. Both of them are just not firm enough for blending out harsh lines. However, I do prefer the Mac 217 for blending out light colors, such as transition colors, since the tip of the brush is wider than the Coastal Scents brush.

The bristles on the Sigma E25 brush are wider, flimsier and not as dense as the Mac 217. I don't like the Sigma E25 for adding my transition color or for crease work because it's so hard to control. My eye makeup messes up easily if I don't be careful because the brush is too big for my crease area. I would only recommend the Sigma brush if you found the Mac 217 to be too small, which would really surprise me. I use the Sigma E25 mainly for blending out light colors. However, it does not blend out dark harsh lines because the brush is too flimsy like the other two brushes.

I also found that all three of the brushes do not pack color onto my lids that well. They only add a light wash of color onto my lids.

Bottom Line: If you want a great alternative to the Mac 217 brush, which costs $22.50, then get the Coastal Scents Pro Blending Fluff brush. It is $3.95 and cheaper than the Sigma E25 brush, which is $9.

Note: The Mac 217 measures 6.5 inches. The Coastal Scents Pro Blending Fluff brush is 6.7 inches. The Sigma E25 is 7 inches.

In response to the comments below: I don't like the Mac 217, Sigma E25 or Coastal Scents' version for blending HARSH lines because they are too flimsy. I only like to use them to add my transition color and then use it to blend the transition color. I only like to use them for blending out LIGHT colors.

I have a heavy hand; therefore, I usually add too much color to my eyes. The only brush that can blend out HARSH lines is my Sonia Kashuk Large Crease brush (my holy grail blending brush). Click here to read my review.

Do you prefer the Mac 217, Coastal Scents Pro Blending Fluff brush or the Sigma E25 brush?

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  1. this review was very helpful, thanks. i will buy that coastal scents brush as soon as it is back in stock.

  2. @Takhisis

    Glad the review was helpful. =)
    Hopefully, Coastal Scents will have it back in stock soon!

  3. the sigma mini e25 is actually much better than the full size.

  4. @Justine

    The Sigma E25 Travel brush is waaaaay better than the full size version. The travel one is not as flimsy and less wider.

  5. The Sigma travel 217 is way better than the full version..

    That being said...;

    Your brushes look horrible!...omg..they look like they've been tossed around the dryer and spun for days...haha...;D
    Your poor brushes..They really look haggard..No wonder they don't do the job for you sweetie..

    You may be using a harsh soap..[drying out the bristles..]...or perhaps its the way u are drying them..

    I would get a good leave in conditioner for them...[treat them like u would your own hair..]..Or a hot oil treatment..
    Then put them in a brush guard..

    From time to time..I have used if i have nothing else..The oil that comes in waxing kits..Lightly put some on your fingers and rub the bristles..

  6. I use baby shampoo to wash all my brushes and they are fine. I also dry them by laying them flat on a towel. I have no problem with my other brushes. The Mac 217, Sigma E25 and Coastal Scents brush don't blend out harsh lines very well because of how the brush was designed. I have no problem blending with my other brushes. =)

  7. Hi Joyce,
    I have to agree with the girl above honey. They do look like they need a good conditioning and reshaping with a brush guard, while their drying.
    If you do this they will look and feel better and brand new. My brush guards that I bought from Coastal Scents have actually made my MAC 187SE Christmas special edition, look and feel so much tighter and it almost feels as good as a 188 MAC now!Yay! But, be careful with the guards. Cuz,they do make the bristles stray outwards if the slide down. So, I don;t use them for storage while traveling. Just to dry my brushes that need a good firming or forming.
    Also, I see that you also use baby shampoo like me too! ;) Then I read that you lay them on their sides to dry. Actually that can and will hurt your brushes sooner or later. Because on its side, the water is actually just sitting there on that one side and cannot escape very easily. That can and it will cause mildew inside and glue/wood/ferule rottage over time.
    I see how much you love your makeup and brushes....So I just thought I'd help ya out with a lil info ;) I know they are cheap! Lol!
    The best thing is to hang them upside down. You don't need a cleverly built rack or anything.
    Here's what I do for all of my MAC and my other cheap fave brushes.
    I use a hair clip/claw and a rag. I wrap a washcloth around the handle near the bottom(this gives the clip something to grab onto.And make sure that it is twisted tightly enough that it won't fall out during the night)Then clip it onto something, like a bathroom towel rod. I also sometimes just use a rubber band twisted halfway around the end of handle and then wrap the rest of the band around a cabinet handle. Lol! There are so many ways. I know you can find a way that is easiest for you. And for my regular brushes(I have so many that I can't hang all the non-expensive ones up too!LOL)I just make a pile/hill out of a towel and lay them facing downwards while drying.
    BTW, I love your blog. I read it often. I love all your swatches and comparisons! I found your link on Coastal Scents brush review.
    Keep up the good work girl! :)

  8. Thanx for your input =)

    However, I still believe it's the design of the brush that makes it unblendable for harsh lines. From the beginning, when I first got the brushes, the Mac 217, Sigma E25 and Coastal Scents Fluff brush did not blend out harsh lines at all.

    I've had my Sonia Kashuk for a very long time and it still works wonders and blends out all harsh lines. =D

  9. hey can u do a review on the mirage pallette by

  10. @beautified

    Sorry, but I don't like pre-made palettes. I prefer to buy single eyeshadows that can fit in my empty palette.

  11. That's too bad that you don't like your brushes for blending-:(..

    You would be the one of the only ones-that doesn't..
    Might be the way they are shaped?

    The Sigma Travel E25, is excellent for it-
    As for the larger version--you have to work a bit harder at it, but ya it is a pain.

    And as for the MAC 217--I love it-

    But then again, mine are shaped differently then yours..might explain why..idk
    Or perhaps you wear heavier makeup..which might make it more difficult..

    I would be curious to hear what brush you do like for blending?

    Also, I like to use a Baby Shampoo 2-in-1. It has conditioner and shampoo in one. It's a green liquid and it's called No More Tangles..

    Thanks for sharing your review and pictures!

  12. I forgot to add, You know what brush I can't stand from Sigma, is they're version of the 109. It has to be the most horrible brush I've ever used. What do you think of it?

  13. @Anonymous

    Like I said before in the comments above, I do like the Sigma E25 travel version better.

    I don't like the Mac 217, Sigma E25 or Coastal Scents' version for blending HARSH lines. I only like to use them to add my transition color and then use it to blend the transition color. Also, in this comparison review, I said that I only like to use them for blending out LIGHT colors.

    I have a heavy hand; therefore, I usually add too much color to my eyes. So, I use the Sonia Kashuk Large Crease brush for blending out harsh lines. I have a review on the Sonia Kashuk brush.

    I've never tried Sigma's version of the Mac 109 brush, but I have the real Mac 109 brush and I also have a review about it.

  14. wow.. very useful information.. i think i'm going to blog in about the comparison too!


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