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Monday, July 4, 2011

Review & Swatches: Dior Bronze Original Tan in Healthy Tan 01

Dior Bronze Original Tan in Healthy Tan 01 looks peachy orange when swatched on my arm. Don't let my description scare you from trying this bronzer out. The shade is not as orange as Amber Tan or Mac Solar Riche. I think lighter beauties can still pull off Healthy Tan without looking dead orange because this shade has a peachy pink undertone. Amber Tan and Solar Riche are more suitable for people with medium complexions like me. For reference, I'm a Mac NC30/35, Dior Forever 021 mixed with 031, MUFE HD 127 and L'oreal True Match W4.

Direct Sunlight

The pigmentation of Healthy Tan is really easy to work with. It's not too sheer and not too pigmented. I use my Royal & Langnickel BC180 Silk Baby Dome Powder brush (review) and it applies flawlessly without any blotchiness. 

Bathroom Lighting

When I apply Healthy Tan on my face, it translates into a peachy honey-tan with a hint of a pink undertone compared to Solar Riche, which looks completely orangey tan. Healthy Tan also has a better finish and emits a hint of sheen that makes my skin look a little bit glowy. It only looks a little bit shimmery when the sunlight directly hits my face, but it's definitely still safe to wear during the day. 

Solar Riche looks a little bit flat, but I wouldn't consider it to be truly matte. To be accurate, Solar Riche has a semi-matte finish without a hint of sheen. It is also important to point out that the difference between the finishes of these 2 bronzers are barely noticeable. Solar Riche is not a bad color choice for my medium complexion, but I find myself reaching for Heathy Tan more often, ever since I compared the 2 side by side on my face because it just looks prettier and it gives me more dimension to my face. 

When compared to the Dior Healthy Glow Powder in Aurora 001 (review & swatches), Healthy Tan looks a little bit peachier, while Aurora looks a little bit pinkier; however, the difference is really subtle. They look like 2 different shades when swatched on my arm, but when I  actually apply them onto my face, I can barely tell which one's which.

As for Too Faced Peach Leopard (review & swatches), it's definitely not a dupe for Healthy Tan. Peach Leopard is a peachy tan shade without a hint of orange.

Healthy Tan, Aurora & Peach Leopard act as a blush & bronzer for me, but I don't use any of them for contouring because they're all too peachy. As for Solar Riche, I use it solely as a bronzer because it's too orange as a contour shade. If you are looking for a bronzer to contour with, I recommend that you check out Too Faced Chocolate Soleil (review & swatches).

Note: The Dior Healthy Tan bronzer costs $44 at Sephora and at all Dior counters. On Sephora's website, it says there are 0.42 ounces of product; however, on the packaging, it says there are 10 grams/0.35 ounces. I bought Mac's Solar Riche at an Estee Lauder Company Store for $14.75. It contains 10 grams and retails for $21. Aurora costs $46 for 10 grams and Too Faced Peach Leopard costs $28 for 9 grams.

Which shade do you love the most?

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  1. Great swatches, thanks for the incredible dupes and comparisons :) xx


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