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Friday, January 11, 2013

Swatches + Comparison - MAC Hey Sailor! Fleet Fast Blush (Limited Edition)

Left: Burberry Blossom No.05 Blush
Right: MAC Fleet Fast Blush

Packaging: The MAC Fleet Fast blush comes in a nautical blue and white striped box, which is reminiscent of sailor uniforms and summer. The packaging is fun, cute and appropriate given that the Hey Sailor! collection launched in May 2012.

I was hesitant to purchase Fleet Fast because alot of reviewers said that there were gold shimmers in the blush. A few months later, I still saw people talking and raving about it. So, I just had to get it to see what the fuss was all about. (Dillard's still has it in stock!)

The texture of Fleet Fast does not feel as silky as Blossom, but it applies easily with a standard blush brush, such as the Studio Gear #13 (full reviewor the Japonesque Professional blush brush (mini review) because the pigmentation is not too sheer or too pigmented. It may look scary and dark in my swatches, but it's actually not once you apply it on your face. Blossom, on the other hand, is extremely pigmented and I always have to use a light hand and a fluffy brush to avoid looking clownish. 

When swatched, Fleet Fast is a reddish coral with a satin finish, while Burberry Blossom 05 is less red and more pinky coral. Both blushers contain tiny shimmers, which are only noticeable under direct sunlight. Don't worry, they are undetectable under artificial lighting. When I applied the blushes onto my cheeks and compared them side-by-sidethey both look exactly the same and translate into a pinky coral shade with a hint of a reddish undertone. They both leave a lovely semi-matte finish without looking flat, chalky or shiny. I absolutely adore these blushers because they compliment my NC30/35 skin tone so well! Also, they both last at least 8 hours without fading when worn over liquid foundation + setting powder. 

Blossom contains 7g/0.24oz for $42, while Fleet Fast contains 6g/0.21oz for $21. I'm definitely favoring Fleet Fast more because it's less expensive and easier to apply. You're just paying for the Burberry brand name and packaging with Blossom, which is totally fine because I'm a sucker for gorgeous packaging, too! I totally understand!! ^_^

Ignore the "lightly" notation.
Bottom Line: I highly recommend grabbing Fleet Fast while you still can, especially if you're a fan of coral blushers. It leaves the most sexy flush of color onto your cheeks without looking clownish. I'm so glad I found a less expensive alternative to Burberry Blossom and one with cute packaging, too! 

Note: The MAC Powder Blush in Fleet Fast contains 6g/0.21oz. It is limited edition and still available at Dillard's and Nordstrom for $21.

Did you get anything from the Hey Sailor! Collection?

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  1. good stuff ! :) :)

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  2. love it ,I have the mac one
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