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Monday, August 9, 2010

Review: Sonia Kashuk Large Crease Brush (Crease Shadow Brush)

The Sonia Kashuk Large Crease Brush (Crease Shadow Brush) is my holy grail blending brush. This is one of the best blending brushes I own. The length of the brush is 6 inches. The bristles are dense and firm, which is absolutely fabulous for blending as well as packing on color to the crease. The bristles are not as soft as my other brushes, such as my Studio Gear Blending Crease Brush #35 (review), but it is by no means scratchy.

The title of the brush is "Large," but don't let the name fool you. It is not a huge brush. It is the perfect size for the crease and for blending. This is my "go to" brush when I want a smokey effect or when I just need to get rid of harsh lines.

White handles tend to get dirty easily and I wouldn't want to clean it with water because water damages the wooden handle. So, the only thing that I have to complain about is the color of the brush. I prefer the handle to be black and sleek, like the ones from her professional line.  

The brush is $5.99 at Target, which is really affordable for such a high quality brush. I bought another one for backup.

What do you think about this brush?

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