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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Review: Studio Tools Smudge Brush

The Studio Tools Smudge brush is smaller than your average eyeshadow brush, but this may be perfect for someone with smaller eye lids. The head of the brush is a little bit longer than half a centimeter, and is flat and a little bit stiff, while the bristles are soft. It is good for applying eyeshadow under your waterline and for smudging your eyeliner. I personally use this for packing color onto my lids.

I've seen this brush with a silver ferrule on other blogs, but I could only find the one with the black ferrule at my local Target for $2.49. The total length of the brush is 5.5 inches. This is great for someone who's just starting out with makeup or if you are on a tight budget. 

What do you think about this brush?   

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