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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Review: Sonia Kashuk Black Small Multi Purpose Brush

I've been using my Mac 182 Buffer brush (review) to apply my setting powder and the brush has a hard time getting under my eyes. So, I needed a fluffy brush that wasn't too big or too small for that area. Sonia Kashuk is one of my favorite brand to go to for brushes, so I knew I had to go to Target and see if she had what I was looking for, and of course, she did. =)

I saw the Black Small Multi Purpose Brush on display and it was the last one in stock. So, I immediately snatched it and went home to try it, after I washed it, of course. Needless to say, it is everything that I had hoped for. 

The brush is tapered, soft, fluffy, and just the right size for applying setting powder under my eyes and around the small crevices of my nose. The handle of the brush is thin and light weight, which allows for a light application. Also, I LOVE using it to apply my highlight on top of my cheekbones because it deposits the right amount of product and blends beautifully.

I only use this brush for face application because it's too big for me to use as a crease brush, but if you have a big eye space, then you could use it to define your crease. The Sigma E45 is more suitable for me to use on my crease area because it's smaller and more tapered than the Sonia Kashuk brush.

The Sonia Kashuk Multi Purpose brush does, however, work for me as a blending brush, but I prefer to use the Sonia Kashuk White Handle Blending brush (review) because I find that the Multi Purpose Brush is not firm enough for blending out harsh lines. It's only ideal for blending out light colors or for applying a transition color.

The Sonia Kashuk brush reminds me of Mac's 224 Tapered Blending brush, except that it's softer, a little bit denser and bigger than the Mac one.

As for the Sonia Kashuk Black Domed Eyeshadow brush (review), it has a round tip and is far more denser and is smaller, but still too big for my crease. I prefer to use it as a blending brush and to apply highlight on my brow bone.

The Sonia Kashuk Multi Purpose brush shedded a few hairs when I washed it the first time, but hasn't shedded since and I've been using it religiously for the past 2 weeks. Also, it doesn't have any weird chemical smell or dye bleeding. 

The total length of the brush measures 7.20 inches. The bristles are about 4/5 of an inch long.

It costs $10.99 and is only available at Target and the online store.

Have you tried the Sonia Kashuk Multi Purpose brush? Do you prefer to use it for the face or eyes?

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