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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Swatches & Comparisons: NYX Nude Matte Eyeshadow in Skinny Dip + Confession

I purchased 2 NYX Nude Matte eyeshadows during Ulta's 20% OFF Friends & Family Sale last week. They also had a Buy 1, Get 1 50% off promotion. So, my total came up to $5.99 and I absolutely regret not getting more NYX products. 

The 20% off sale is still going on right now and ends July 28, 
but the Buy 1, Get 1 50% off promotion has expired. 

  • texture feels slightly silky & buttery
  • great pigmentation when layered & used with a primer
  • applies evenly
  • blends easily
  • does not look chalky
  • doesn't crease when used with a primer
  • lasts at least 12 hours without fading 
  • no fallouts during application
  • no chunky glitters
  • affordable
  • can be depotted and the pan fits in the MAC and empty 28 pan eyeshadow palettes
  • containers are wrapped in plastic seal

  • both shades are not truly matte (This is only a con because NYX claims that they have a matte finish. I personally do not mind that there is a slight sheen to them.)
  • gets dusty in the pan

Packaging: The NYX Nude Matte eyeshadows are housed in a black container with a lid that flips open, which look quite similar to MAC's packaging. The only difference is that the NYX ones have a glossy finish and feel lighter. I'm also glad that they're wrapped in plastic seal because it's easier to detect whether anyone has tampered with them with their dirty fingers.

The pans are the same size as MAC's eyeshadows and they fit perfectly in my empty 28 pan eyeshadow palette. (Keep in mind, you need to put a magnet behind the pan for it to "stick" to the palette. I use the thin round ones that MAC uses for their refill pans. They can be purchased at craft stores or on ebay.) I also depot the NYX eyeshadows the same way that I depot my MAC eyeshadows, which is super easy and quick. The only problem is that the label on the back of the pot is slightly larger than the eyeshadow pan. So, I had to cut the label to the size that I needed and the results looked ugly. (I'm not crafty and I don't know how to cut out a perfect circle without butchering it.) However, I don't mind the way that it looks because the label is on the back of the pan, where no one can see it and it's only there for reference.

(To depot, flip the lid open, pop out the plastic insert by using a tweezer, scissor or butter knife, place the plastic insert on a hair straightener for 20 seconds to 45 seconds, wear gloves & remove the plastic insert from the hair straightener, turn the plastic insert upside down and push the pan out onto a soft surface, using a tweezer, scissor or butter knife. To remove the label on the back of the pot, place the pot on the hair straightener for 10 seconds and then remove the label using a tweezer.)

From Top Left Clockwise:  NYX Skinny Dip depotted ~ NYX Confession depotted ~ MAC Carbon refill pan ~ MAC Copperplate depotted

Application: Both of the NYX eyeshadows apply evenly without looking chalky. They have a slight buttery texture to them and they feel softer than MAC's eyeshadows. For this reason, they can get really dusty and messy in the pan, but they also blend alot easier. 

I didn't experience any fallouts during application. (Just make sure you use a dense brush and tap off any excess before applying.) They also last at least 12 hours on my eyes without fading. (I have oily lids and never test eyeshadows without using a primer underneath.)

NYX Nude Matte Eyeshadow in Skinny Dip (1.6g for $4.99) is a medium burgundy shade with a hint of purple and a satin finish. It is not a true matte shade because it has a slight sheen to it. Taz is more intense and has a more reddish undertone, while Sorcery is more brown.

The pigmentation is not as great as the other eyeshadows, but it's easily buildable and offers great pigmentation with 2 layers. I love using it in the crease or in the corner, right above the over v for a pop of color and to spice up a neutral eye look.

NYX Nude Matte Eyeshadow in Confession (1.6g for $4.99) is dark grey shade with a satin finish. It is not a true matte shade because it has a slight sheen to it. When I swatched it at Ulta, it looked slightly forest-green. However, when I went home and applied it onto my arm and eyes, I couldn't see any hint of green in any lighting, including artificial and natural.

If you find black to be too dark and dramatic for the day time, then I highly recommend Confession as an alternative because it looks less harsh and it still creates depth and dimension to the eyes. I absolutely love using it on my outer v. Also, the pigmentation is just as great as MAC's eyeshadows!

(Outdoor Natural Lighting)

(Indoor Natural Lighting)

Bottom Line: Generally, I find that drugstore eyeshadows are inferior to the mid-range and high-end brands. However, the NYX eyeshadows have exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend getting both because the quality is amazing. They apply evenly, blend like a dream and last all day without creasing or fading. Also, they are very versatile and can be applied sheer or layered for a more intense look. I hope NYX plans to expand their color range because I'll definitely be picking up more.

Note: The NYX Nude Matte eyeshadows are available for purchase on their online store and at Ulta for $4.99 each. Sorcery is limited edition and has been discontinued. Taz contains 1.3g and is available at Suite7Beauty for $6. Copperplate & Carbon each contain 1.5g and are available at Nordstrom for $15 (pot) and $11.50 (refill pan). The empty 28 pan palette can be purchased from Coastal Scents for $9.95.

*This post contains affiliate links.

Have you tried any of the NYX Nude Matte eyeshadows?
Do you prefer matte, satin or shimmery eyeshadows?


  1. Thats annoying the the colors are not completely matte :/ still beautiful though

  2. This blog is really lovely, I always find good ideas here.

  3. Hi!
    There is a prize for you in my blog! See you there, kisses!

  4. Great colours!
    I really need more matte eyeshadows also
    Your photos look amazing by the way!

  5. Thanx! I will be swatching more colors soon. =)

  6. Excellent post, Joyce! I especially appreciate side-by-side swatches with similar and/or popular eyeshadows. I love matte and satin eyeshadows, and I can't resist swatching these in the store.

  7. Thank you! I love doing swatch comparisons because it shows the color of the product better. I think it's more helpful than just swatching the product by itself.

    These eyeshadows are a bargain, especially when they're on sale at Ulta. You should definitely check these out in person!


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